Why I Stopped Taking a Statin Drug

From Pfizer's own Lipitor newspaper ad, revealed by an asterisk the following: “That means in a large clinical study, 3% of patients taking a sugar pill or placebo had a heart attack compared to 2% of patients taking Lipitor.” They touted this as a 36% reduction in heart attacks.

This simple mathematical calculation revels that for every 100 people in the trial that pasted 3.5 years, three people taking a placebo (most likely a sugar pill) and two people on Lipitor had heart attacks. The difference was credited to the drug, ya right !!! It was most likely the sugar in the pill that caused the higher rate of incidence (if they used sugar as the placebo.) These are terrible results. This means that, 100 people had to take Lipitor for 3.5 years to prevent one heart attack.

Ok, so one fewer heart attacks per 100 people in my book does not justify the expenditure for a drug that has side effects like diabetes and muscle / joint pain that makes you feel old. If you were to put let's say 250 people in a room and tell them that for 3.5 years each would pay a total of $ 3,500 for a drug that they will take every day and after 3.5 years they will get the benefit of feeling like crap with aches and pain in joints and possible diarrhea with NO health benefit. Would they take the drug and spend the money? …. I think not.

While pouring over data Dr. James Wright discovered there was no benefit to taking a statin in people over 65 years of age no matter how much their cholesterol declined, and no benefit in woman of any age.

Yes, I stopped taking a statin drug 3-years ago and last year I even stopped taking Zetia and my blood work including HDL, LDL cholesterol, and triglyceride levels are the best they have been since testing back in the late 1980's; I'm 58 years old.

Do your own independent research, learn an listen. Drugs do provide benefits for some individuals. Talk with your health professional or doctor before making any drastic changes.

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Diets For High Blood Pressure – Flavor You Can Enjoy

All too often people are set back by the word diet because they automatically think it means no flavor. This could actually be very true, but it does not have to be. Who said diets for high blood pressure have to be bland? Be creative and you will be surprised at what flavors you can find.

Here are a two recipes that are bursting with flavor and perfect for diets for high blood pressure.

Chicken and Orange Salad

You will need about 35-40 minutes to prepare the recipe and cook it. Typically this recipe serves 4, but not in my house. It is one of the favorites that even the children enjoy. That alone should tell you a lot about the flavor.

You will need:

6 tsp olive oil (extra virgin & divided)
1 tsp kosher salt (divided)
1 tsp 5 spice powder
T tsp black pepper (freshly ground)
1 lb. chicken breast (boneless & skinless)
C c red onion (thinly sliced)
12 c salad greens
3 medium oranges
1 red pepper (thin strips)
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
3 tbsp cider vinegar

Once you gather your ingredients you should preheat your oven to 450 °.

Then you should mix the 5 spice powder, 1 tsp olive oil, t tsp pepper and t tsp salt in a small mixing bowl.

Take this mixture and rub it all over both sides of your chicken breast.
Next you need to put 1 tsp olive oil in a skillet that can go into the oven and begin heating the oil.

Add the chicken to the warm oil.

Cook the chicken on both sides for about 5 minutes each side. It should be completely cooked and browned on both sides.

Roast the chicken in the same pan in your oven for 8 minutes.

Remove the chicken from the oven and allow it to cool for 5 minutes or so.

You will now need to peel the oranges (2) and break them into the segments. You should do this over a bowl so you can save the juice from the oranges.

Add the onion, red pepper and greens to the bowl with the oranges.

Now you can add the remaining orange to the bowl and mix well with the remaining ingredients.

Finally, slice the chicken into strips and add onto the top pf the salad and enjoy.

The next recipe is for a dessert that everyone can love. For a quick and healthy snack in under ten minutes, try a raspberry-pineapple parfait.

You will need:

P pt raspberries (fresh)
2 8 oz non-fat peach yogurt
1 c c pineapple (frozen, fresh or canned) chunks

All you need to do is take 4 containers add a little yogurt to the bottom.

Next add a little fruit.

Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the cups are full.

Put your feet up and enjoy a tasty treat that fits into all diets for high blood pressure.

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What Are the Best Exercises For Hypertension?

What are the best exercises for hypertension that do not demand too much from the body? There are in fact a lot of low intensity exercises that can still have some fantastic effects for lowering your blood pressure. One of the most effective exercises for hypertension is power walking. This exercise is perfect for the older person that wants a light exercise they can do almost everyday without waking up feeling sore! Even younger people suffering from hypertension will find great benefits from a power walk every day as it involves no special equipment and can be done in any location.

Power walking essentially involves a brisk, non-stop walk over a long period of time. As you will know, walking is far easier to keep doing over a longer period of time than jogging and running, so you will be able to achieve the same results from only half the effort and intensity! Power walking a good 4 to 5 times a week will also give rise to some noticeable upgrades in your stamina. Being able to walk for a little longer every week will start to lower your hypertension a little more every week too.

What else is important to accompany any exercises for hypertension is a good diet. High blood pressure is commonly caused by a build up of fat in the arteries which restricts blood flow and causes pressure. However, when you're eating a more balanced diet and exercising, your levels of faty deposits should begin to diminish. The key to this is to ensure that you're not consuming more calories than you consume. In this way, you're not exceeding your energy requirements, which leads to the storing of excess energy as fat. Therefore, whilst lowering hypertension, you will also inevitably be losing weight and looking fitter!

So by just going for a brisk walk a good few times a week and keeping your diet rich in lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, you will begin to see not only your hypertening getting smaller, but your waistline too! Just remember that all it takes to achieve these goals is commitment. If you set yourself goals with your exercises for hypertension and try to beat them every week, you will start to see your blood pressure lowering gradually every week. There's no time like the present, so set yourself the goal of beating hypertension today!

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Are You Looking For Exercises For Hypertension?

Are you looking for specific exercises for hypertension? Many of those that are diagnosed with high blood pressure are recommended to take up some form of exercise to help lower the condition. Knowing which exercises for hypertension will be most effective is a necessity to make the most effective use of your time. This article aims to give you a few ideas that are not too strenuous so anyone can go out today and get started!

I've found that one of the best exercises for hypertension is tennis. Now, you'll be needing a partner to play with, but those are easy to come by if you've got a friend or loved one who's available for some fun! So why is tennis so effective for lower hypertension? It's simply because you're making use of both your leg muscles and arm muscles. Tennis has the benefit of two different aspects that can help improve your blood pressure as you're running and swinging a racket.

As with most things, the key to lowering hypertension is to make sure you stick at your sport or exercise to make sure the effects take place. If you're only going to exercise once or twice a month, you're not really going to see any big differences. However, if you drive yourself to exercise in some way two or three times a week, it will only be a few months before you see some big differences in that hypertension reading!

A great way to make the most of these exercises for hypertension is by regularly monitoring your blood pressure progress at your local clinic. Getting a measurement every month or so will give you some close analysis of how your progress is coming. In this way, you can see first hand how well these exercises for hypertension are coming along. This is a great way to boost your motivation levels to get you excited about getting back on the sports field, in the gym or in the pool! Once you've actually got into the swing of lowering your blood pressure, you will notice big changes elsewhere such as your general stamina and flexibility thanks to your new exercise time. So do not hang about, there's no better time to start lowering that hypertension today!

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Living With Hypertension

Hypertension, or high blood pressure, does not seem like that major of a problem for your health. However, over time, high blood pressure can put dangerous stress on your heart. Because the heart has to pump harder to push your blood through narrowed vessels, it can become over-developed and stiff. Over time, your stiffened heart muscle may not be able to pump the blood you need through your body.

It can be difficult for doctors to diagnose hypertensive since they do not measure your blood pressure every day. However, if you do develop hypertension, there are several things that you can do to help control the problem. Of course, there are many medications that can lower your blood pressure. Neverheless, there are also helpful lifestyle changes that you can adapt to naturally.

First, your diet is a major contributor to hypertension. This is because your blood absorbs nutrients and minerals from your intestines, where you break down your food. Thus, if you eat a large amount of salt, this can lead to hypertension. Beside salt, other items that can increase your blood pressure include fats like saturated fat.

Next, you should try to avoid items like alcohol and tobacco. Because some alcohol, like red wine, does have health benefits, you should only drink in moderation. Tobacco, on the other hand, should be completely cut out of your life. Tobacco can cause your blood vessels to harden, increasing your risk of hypertension.

Lastly, you should try to maintain a healthy weight. This put less stress on your heart. Additionally, regular physical exercise can not only help you control your weight, but it can actually help reverse hypertension. Exercise is also helpful for lower stress, which is another contributor to hypertension.

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you may need to take drastic steps to better your diet as well as beginning an exercise regimen. For help in reaching your health goals, you should contact a Chicago personal trainer and nutritionist from B4 Health and Fitness today.

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Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure – Garlic – The Hypertension Killer

High blood pressure is a killer. That is a fact. The prescription medications you need to take are nasty and have a ton of side effects. That is also a fact. There are many natural remedies for blood pressure (BP) that will reduce the need for prescription pills, and garlic is among them. Thankfully, also a fact. Since hypertension is a killer that many people do not even know that they have and the “solutions” are expensive medicines that make you sick in their own right I hope that you take a moment and read this article on the ways that one herb, garlic , can assist you as a natural remedy for high BP.

Garlic decreases high blood pressure, how does it do it?

One of the ways that garlic works on hypertension is by thinning the blood. This is similar to the effects that aspirin can have on BP. There are some synthetic prescription medications that work on the same idea of ​​thinning the blood, but garlic does it naturally with no side effects. If you are taking prescription medications, you may want to consult a doctor, because if you are taking blood thinners you may not want to add more naturally.

Garlic one of the good natural remedies for high blood pressure

Garlic has been proven to have beneficial effects in lower high BP. Garlic “pills” can be used for this as well as garlic in food. Many of the natural remedies for high blood pressure can have their active ingredients stripped of them in the cooking process that is not true for garlic. Cooking it is fine. It is also a great substitution taste-wise for salt. Salt is one of the worst things you can use if you are hypertensive. Garlic will give your food flavor, like salt, but will also assist in actively lowering your hypertension.

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How to Begin Lowering Hypertension

When you have visited the doctor and been confirmed with the condition, it's difficult to know exactly how to begin lowering hypertension. Of course, we know that the condition relates to extended high blood pressure, so how maybe we begin tackling it? In this article, I will go through a few of the most effective ways available to help you on your way to lowering hypertension.

One of the most prolific causes is an increased level of fat, but also salt in the diet. Now, you may be a little surprised by that because your diet is not particularly unhealthy, so where could that fat and salt be lurking? Naturally, not everyone is obsessed with food labels and checking out exactly how many grams of fat are in your meals, but without leading to obsession this can be a great way of monitoring your intake and help towards lowering hypertension.

If you regularly prepare microwave meals or have take outs, what you do not realize is the exceptionally high levels of salt that goes into them. This “hidden” salt is often the reason people that suffer from hypertension have such high blood pressure, because they just do not realize they're eating it! Of course, most people will be aware that if you're eating high levels of fat, blood pressure will inevitably rise due to the increased stress on the arteries, but salt can be equally as harmful for hypertension.

Another great method for lowering hypertension is to take up some light exercise. This does not have to mean extra gym sessions every night, but can be as simple as going for a long walk, or even a 10 minute jog. You'll begin to feel the benefits instantly as your body releases those feel-good chemicals, while also helping to burn off that excess energy and preventing it from storing as fat. This will absolutely help to thin down any fatty deposits in the arteries that will bring down that blood pressure and start lowering hypertension within just a few weeks.

Finally, we're led to one of the main causes of hypertension that has nothing to do with diet or exercise. It's surprising to think how much of an effect your mental state can have on your body, but research has shown that those who lead a stressful lifestyle are more likely to suffer illness and thus: hypertension. So a great way of combating these high stress levels, whether they're through work or family commitments is by taking a good hour out of every day for some “me” time. Honestly, you might think that having a bath is a waste of water and time, but the benefits to your mental health can be massive. Activities such as listening to music, sunbathing or even power naps can help you to lower those stress levels and will extremely result in lower hypertening.

To summarize this article: watch what you're eating, take part in some light exercise and, most importantly, make time for relaxation and you will start lowering hypertension in no time.

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Start Lowering Hypertension Today

There are many fantastic ways to begin lowering hypertension without having to make drastic lifestyle changes! It's always difficult to know where to start when there's so much clashing information on the subject, but hopefully with my article this will be cleared up for you. I'm going to explore one of the hidden little factors that lead to high blood pressure and how exactly you can start combating it so you can start lowering hypertension today!

Now, there's one factor that many people do not know about, but can have a drastic effect on your blood pressure. That factor is alcohol. Now, this may strike you as odd, given the beneficial qualities of drinks such as red wine, but what goes unnoticed are all those hidden calories! You see, because it's a drink, people seem to think that it holds no contribution to their recommended take. Well, this is where they're surprisingly wrong!

You see, when you're having a meal, you might crack open a bottle of wine and easily finish one or two bottles in one night. Now, every now and then this is definitely not a problem – it's great to have a treat! However, if you're doing this on a regular basis, night after night, then the calories inside the alcohol will begin to build up and be stored as fat. As you'll be aware, stored fat will eventually begin to build up inside the arms over time, which can be an instant cause of high blood pressure.

So all you will need to do to prevent this happening is drink in moderation! It's not difficult to keep a check on exactly how much you're drinking, especially in your own home. You just need to be aware that drinks can have as large a contribution to fat build up as food.

So once you've started to cut back on the alcohol, how might you improve the rate at which you're reducing hypertensive even further? Well, exercise is a strong factor that can be used in coal with a steady diet as it sees all those excess calories being burned off. This means that your body's not going to file away all that energy as fat, which leads to pressure build up in the treaties. Exercise is a great way of just flushing out your arms a little by temporarily increasing the heart rate.

Even if you're only going for a short cycle each morning, it's going to work wonders for the lower of hypertension over the course of a few weeks. All you have to remember is to stay committed to your routine. If you plan on making any advances with your body, be them weight loss or blood pressure lowering, you have to stay motivated and not make exercise into a chore.

If you're serious about lowering hypertension, start with the little things like cutting out the excess alcohol, then take the condition by the horns with exercise to really give it the boot!

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally – No More Side Effects of Drugs

Since people with hypertension have grown tired of dealing with the side effects of medicines, they are now looking for other ways to lower blood pressure. And if you also have hypertension, you will learn from this article other methods to lower your blood pressure naturally.

Up to now, the best method in lowering blood pressure is still considered as the use of anti-hypertensive drugs. The vast number of scientific studies to support their efficiency is more than sufficient proof that these are really effective. And not to mention the millions of people who have been treated with anti-hypertensive medications for a very long time. Indeed, anti-hypertensive drugs are effective in controlling blood pressure.

The only problem with using anti-hypertensive drugs lies in their side effects. No matter what specific brand you are using, you will definitely encounter its side effects. Therefore, since anti-hypertensive medications are the best method in hypertensive treatment, you can only stop using these if you already found other methods that can be effective in lowering your blood pressure. Remember that these other methods must prove to be as effective as anti-hypertensive agents although no side effects will be experienced. Are there other methods capable of doing that?

Stress reduction is considered as one of these other strategies in lower blood pressure. Among the different risk factors of hypertension, stress is one of these. Even though the exact mechanism of how stress contributor to hypertension is still a mystery, scientists believe that the wrong methods of coping with stress can definitely contribute to hypertension. Some examples of how people cope wrongly with stress include lack of physical activity, not sleeping or oversleeping, excessive smoking and drinking, overeating, and many more.

Therefore, people who are diagnosed with hypertension must know how to avoid stress and how to deal with it correctly. First, identifying the root cause of stress must be done in order to avoid it. Think of the occasions wherein you were so stressed and identify its cause. If you can avoid this cause of stress, do so as much as possible. But if you can not and you would have to live with it, you most certainly need to know how to deal with it properly. You can reduce your stress through listening to soothing music, yoga, exercise, sports, outdoor games, nature walks, power naps, prayer, reading a book, and a lot more. Today, make sure that you take the time to decrease your stress levels once you start feeling it.

One of the other methods that can lower blood pressure without side effects is regular exercise. Among the various risk factors of hypertension, a sedentary lifestyle is one of these. Whether you already have hypertension or not, adding regular exercise into your daily routine can definitely benefit your health. If you spend at least 30 minutes a day doing aerobic exercises like swimming, jogging, and walking, you will definitely lower your blood pressure.

Regular exercise and stress reduction are just two strategies that can lower your blood pressure naturally. And the effectiveness of these strategies in controlling hypertension is also supported by scientific studies.

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Lower High Blood Pressure With Ginger, A Great Natural Remedy to Lower Hypertension

Using ginger to lower high blood pressure (BP) is a great idea. Most synthetic prescription drugs are rife with nasty side effects, they can be so debilitating that it can often seem that the cure is worse than the disease. That is not the case, though, the disease of Hypertension is invariably fatal, Heart attacks and strokes are the # 1 and # 3 killers in America. So doing nothing about rising BP is simply crazy. Actually it is suicidal. There are many natural remedies to lower high blood pressure, including herbs: among which Ginger is one of the good ones. Read on to find out more about ginger.

Ginger lowers high blood pressure naturally

Ginger is one of the herbs that has the greatest effect to lower your BP when added to your diet. It has been proven to lower your BP in a safe and effective manner. One of the best things about ginger is that it is a great substitute. Salt is one of the worst things you can have if you have high BP. Ginger can be a great alternative to salt to add flavor to your dishes. Not only that, but ginger actually has properties that will make your desire for salt decrease over time too.

Lower high blood pressure naturally with ginger

When you buy ginger, make sure that you buy it fresh. Most natural herbs, if they are packaged together with other herbs or are in supplement form, lose a lot of their effectiveness. Ginger is just one of the many herbs that will lower your blood pressure naturally. Along with certain foods that assist in lowering hypertension, some vitamins and supplements, exercise and breathing techniques. If you learn all these natural remedies to lower hypertension, there is no reason you should need the nasty medication.

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High Blood Pressure Remedy Report – The Cure For Hypertension

I was taking anti-hypertensive medications for a lot of years. I kept on asking my doctor for a different drug because I did not like having to live with the side effects of drugs. After years of drinking anti-hypertensive drugs, I read the High Blood Pressure Remedy Report.

During the first year that I had hypertension, the doctor prescribed diuretics. Upon starting me on diuretics, I also experienced dizziness and muscle cramps. The doctor told me not to worry since these are common side effects of the drugs. Unfortunately, after taking the diuretics for almost 12 months, I developed arrhythmia and my blood pressure would begin spiking every once in a while.

The arrhythmia and less controlled blood pressure caused my doctor to switch my treatment to ACE inhibitors. Later on, I also experienced coughing and dizziness due to the ACE inhibitors. And after a few more months, I also had severe vomiting, edema, and increased potassium levels. These side effects of ACE inhibitors really made me get more worried than before so I asked my doctor if there was any form of drug that has no side effect. Sadly, my doctor said that there is no anti-hypertensive drug that has no side effect.

When I found out about this disappointing fact regarding anti-hypertensive drugs, I turned to friends and the Internet in looking for the cure for hypertension. And while looking for information on the Internet, I found out about the eBook called High Blood Pressure Remedy Report. It really did my attention because it is an eBook written by someone who actually had hypertensive and was able to test one method after another until he found the cure.

Furthermore, to be sure of the reliability of the product, I looked for different user reviews to gauge if it is really effective. I was even more astonished to actually read so many user reviews which were all giving positive feedback about the quality and efficiency of the eBook.

After reading all the positive feedback from the user reviews, I bought High Blood Pressure Remedy Report. What I also really liked with the eBook is that it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee which means that if the eBook happens to be ineffective in curing my hypertension, I can get my money back.

The eBook has 4 chapters and the most helpful of these chapters for me are from number two to four where different natural and effective treatment methods were discussed in detail. The basics of hypertension are discussed in chapter 1 and I found this less helpful since I have already made my research about hypertension ever since I was diagnosed to have it. The topics that were discussed in chapters 2 to 4 were Traditional Treatment Options, Natural Remedies and Alternative Medicines, and Prevention of High Blood Pressure.

After two weeks of reading the eBook and applying what I learned, I was already seeing great results. Imagine that, I stopped taking my anti-hypertensive drugs and started applying these natural methods which did not have any side effects. Truly, High Blood Pressure Remedy Report is what the author promised it to be. It is an efficacious cure for hypertension without spending thousands of money nor experiencing side effects.

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Diet to Reduce High Blood Pressure

If you are found to be suffering from high blood pressure it could be for a number of reasons, one reason being your lifestyle. It is because of the deterioration of people's lifestyles over recent years that has added to the growing list of high blood pressure victims. Consequently, there are a large number of illnesses that can be caused as a result of this condition if it is not treated. Many of them refer to the heart which is obviously your most vital organ.

If you have not lived healthily for a number of years, the chances are that your blood vessels have lost some of their elasticity. As a result of this your heart has to work harder to circulate the blood around your body. In doing so more strain is put up your heart and this can cause a heart attack which could be fatal.

To overcome the risk of becoming another heart attack victim, a diet to reduce high blood pressure should be embarked upon.

This will mean to start the elimination of all fast or processed foods that are full of saturated fat and sodium. Everyone is consuming more of these foods every day and this could be the cause of your problem.

Fresh fruit and vegetables should be consumed daily and if you cook in oil use the healthier ones such as olive, fish or krill oil: this is essential.

Eating only lean meat such as chicken will be of great benefit and one or two portions of fish a week could help you begin to see a reduction in your blood pressure.

Another thing that can be extremely damaging to your heart is salt and as you proceed with your diet to reduce high blood pressure it must be remembered that adding salt whilst cooking should be avoided and so should use salt as a condiment. There are many tasty herbs and spices that can be used as an alternative and are a much healthier option.

If you can control your eating habits you can control your blood pressure if a sensible diet is adhered to. Therefore you should see a reduction in your blood pressure in a reasonably short time. In addition, you could also see a reduction in your overall weight which will be another great asset to a healthier life.

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Some Ways on How to Maintain a Normal Blood Pressure

One of the most common conditions that affect people would be hypertension. Approximately one in three adults has high blood pressure. Actually, it is a silent condition that can affect a person without knowing that he already has it.

If you have been diagnosed with hypertension, you need to do ways on how to lower your BP. This is very important in order to keep your body stable and prevent complications thought about by increased blood pressure. In general, there are ways on how to decrease your BP and prevent hypertensive complications. Here are some helpful tips that will greatly help in lowering your blood pressure.

First and foremost, you need to do some diet modifications. You need to decrease your sodium intake because it can greatly contribute to the increase in your BP. Sodium can also cause water retention, which is the accumulation of excess water in the tissues of your body or in the circulatory system. If this occurs, the blood volume as well as the pressure will increase. With an increase in BP, the heart's workload will also be increased. The heart will work harder in order to move the excess fluid through the body.

Sodium is found in many different foods. Aside from that, you can also increase the amount of sodium through salt. We can control our intake of sodium through limiting salt in our diet. Aside from that, you can also decrease your intake of sodium by avoiding canned goods, chips, fast food, and preserved foods that are rich in sodium content.

Aside from avoiding salty foods, you should also avoid your intake of caffeine as soon as you have been diagnosed with hypertension. If you are an avid coffee drinker, it's time to stop drinking coffee in order to maintain a low blood pressure. If you drink an average of two to three cups of coffee per day, the amount of caffeine can already cause an increase in the blood pressure. Being a stimulant, it can also increase the heartbeat. Here, with an increased heart rate, the BP can also increase.

In order to maintain a normal BP, it is necessary to follow these tips.

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Habits That Can Increase Your Blood Pressure

Smoking is habit that is quite difficult to stop. If you are a chain smoker and you have been recently diagnosed with hypertension, your main goal is stop your smoking addiction. Smoking can greatly increase your blood pressure, which can only make your condition worse.

The cigarettes that you are smoking contain nicotine, which is the substance that causes you to become a smoking addict. Similarly, nicotine can also increase the blood pressure. Nicotine causes constriction of the blood vessels, which results to increased blood pressure.

Aside from that, the nicotine in cigarettes can also increase the blood levels of aldosterone, cortisol, as well as ACTH. The increased levels of these can all lead to increased BP. When you quit smoking, you will not only lower your blood pressure but you will also help your heart to become healthy.

Actually, smoking is not only the bad habit that you should drop once you are diagnosed with hypertension. If you are an avid alcohol drinker, you should also stop drinking alcohol. You need to understand that alcohol is high in calories which can cause weight gain. Increased weight gain can result in hypertension. Here, if you are hypertensive, you need to decrease your intake of alcohol or completely stop your drinking habits.

One of the vices that should never be done would be drug addiction. Drug addiction will not only cause hypertension but it can completely ruin your life. It can cause psychological problems and irreversible medical conditions.

There are some drugs that can cause fluid retention which can greatly increase the high blood pressure. You need to avoid these drugs because it will only make your condition worse. As much as possible, you need to avoid taking any kind of drugs and inform your physician about it, in case you will be prescribed with some medications.

In order to decrease your blood pressure, you need to exercise daily. Having a sedentary lifestyle will only predispose you to develop many different health conditions such as high blood pressure or hypertension. People who are less active are more prone to develop such conditions compared to those who are physically active.

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2 Exercises to Help Control Hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure as it is also known is a condition that raises the pressure of the blood in the arteries. It is a condition that many people have. It is also given the name as the silent killer as many people who have the condition are not even aware that they have it.

The effect that hypertension has on the body can be compared to a garden hose. For example, if you turn on the water and then squeeze the hose this will have the effect of causing the water to build up and create pressure. Hypertension can have the same affect on our arteries. If the condition is not identified and treated it can lead to a host of health complications.

There are many direct and indirect factors that lead to people getting hypertension. These include heredity factors where the condition runs in the family. Other causes can be linked to lifestyle factors such as being overweight, eating an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not taking enough physical exercise. There can also be under health conditions such as constricting arteries or kidney disease.

One way you can reduce the risk or control the condition is make positive changes to your lifestyle. These can include eating a healthy diet, cutting out smoking and drinking alcohol within the recommended levels. However, your emotional and mental state can also have a direct affect on the heart and conditions such as hypertension can have a serious impact. As part of a healthy lifestyle you can consider introducing exercises that help calm and relax your physical and emotional state. Two exercises that can help you with these are as follows:


Yoga involves many exercises that include stretching, breathing and meditation. Through these many exercises and poses you will help improve the bodies mobility and flexibility. Certain poses help to strengthen your muscles and back. The deep breathing helps to improve your cardiovascular health as well as calming and relaxing the mind. There are many forms of yoga. It is recommended that people at risk or who already have hyper tension avoid the more rigid types of yoga and opt for the more relaxed ones.

Tai Chi:

This is a well known Chinese exercise that involves slow movement of the body in co-regulation with controlled breathing. It can help improve your flexibility and strength especially for the elderly. However, all ages groups can benefit from Tai chi. It has also meditative qualities that help relax and calm the body and mind.

If you have a medical condition always consult with your doctor first to ensure you are fit enough.

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