Hypertension or high blood pressure as it is also known is a condition that raises the pressure of the blood in the arteries. It is a condition that many people have. It is also given the name as the silent killer as many people who have the condition are not even aware that they have it.

The effect that hypertension has on the body can be compared to a garden hose. For example, if you turn on the water and then squeeze the hose this will have the effect of causing the water to build up and create pressure. Hypertension can have the same affect on our arteries. If the condition is not identified and treated it can lead to a host of health complications.

There are many direct and indirect factors that lead to people getting hypertension. These include heredity factors where the condition runs in the family. Other causes can be linked to lifestyle factors such as being overweight, eating an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking too much alcohol and not taking enough physical exercise. There can also be under health conditions such as constricting arteries or kidney disease.

One way you can reduce the risk or control the condition is make positive changes to your lifestyle. These can include eating a healthy diet, cutting out smoking and drinking alcohol within the recommended levels. However, your emotional and mental state can also have a direct affect on the heart and conditions such as hypertension can have a serious impact. As part of a healthy lifestyle you can consider introducing exercises that help calm and relax your physical and emotional state. Two exercises that can help you with these are as follows:


Yoga involves many exercises that include stretching, breathing and meditation. Through these many exercises and poses you will help improve the bodies mobility and flexibility. Certain poses help to strengthen your muscles and back. The deep breathing helps to improve your cardiovascular health as well as calming and relaxing the mind. There are many forms of yoga. It is recommended that people at risk or who already have hyper tension avoid the more rigid types of yoga and opt for the more relaxed ones.

Tai Chi:

This is a well known Chinese exercise that involves slow movement of the body in co-regulation with controlled breathing. It can help improve your flexibility and strength especially for the elderly. However, all ages groups can benefit from Tai chi. It has also meditative qualities that help relax and calm the body and mind.

If you have a medical condition always consult with your doctor first to ensure you are fit enough.