High blood pressure (HBP) is the leading killer in the world today. Heart attacks and strokes are the # 1 and # 3 killers of adult males. This does not even include causes by other symptoms of HBP, like kidney damage it causes. Hypertension is also the “silent” killer so it is quite easy to have it and not even realize it, until it kills you. If you are not sure if you are at risk for HBP, this article will tell you some of the risk factors. If you have hypertension this article is good because it reminds you of the things you may be able to change to reduce your high blood pressure.

Factors of hypertension that you can change.

There are many factors of hypertension you can change.
1. Diet. High Fat diets are particularly bad. Diets high in salty are also bad
2. Smoking. We all know it is bad. Stop! Enough said.
3. Drinking. 1-2 drinks a day (particularly of red wine) has shown to have great positive benefits. Overindulging, though, is horrible for your heart health.
4. Adding salt. Salt is bad enough when it comes naturally in your foods. Never add it after the cooking.
5. Obesity. Losing weight is sure to lower your high blood pressure.

Factors of hypertension that you can not change

6. Age. As you age your chances of HTN increases. You may be fine at 30, but have very high blood pressure at 40, even though you are in better shape. It just happens. Monitor your pressure frequently.
7. Genetics and ethnicity. Not much you can do about this. Blame your parents.
8. Family history. More specific than just “genetics” If you have had relatives with HBP issues you need to guard extra carefully against it. You are in a huge “danger factor” area.

Steps you need to take to control your high blood pressure.