Blood pressure readings between 140 and 159 systolic (the top number) and 90 to 99 diastolic (bottom number) is considered stage one hypertension. This chart is relatively new as it came out in 2003. The beginning stage is called prehypertension and the third part of the chart is stage two.

There are many problems that this condition can create. The kidneys can be damaged and so can the cardiovascular system. This makes it important to do something about it.

Causes : One of the most frequent causes for this condition is weight. Being overweight increases the likelihood of high numbers. Age, race, medications and other medical conditions are also on the list of causes. In fact, two herbs are on the list. Rosemary and licorice both cause spikes.

Lifestyle Changes : To get the statements down to normal may require some changes. Reducing sodium and saturated fat are two that can be very beneficial. Weight loss, if it is a contributing factor, is also wise. If you are taking supplements, medications or you have any medical conditions you should talk to your doctor. A change in approach to these issues may reduce blood pressure.

Medication : If and / or until the condition stabilizes you will probably need to take medications. It may take time for the doctor to find the right combination of them as there are several different types. While the situation remains unstable make sure to keep in contact with your doctor.

Do not be surprised if your doctor requests that you purchase and use a blood pressure kit to take daily readings. They are fairly inexpensive (mine cost $ 15) and easy to use. Having readings on a regular basis will let the doctor know what needs changed.