High blood pressure affects millions of Americans daily. It is called the “Silent Killer”, because there are usually no visible signs of the disease. Heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and stroke are all consequences of having high BP. Stress is one of the largest factors that can cause high blood pressure. If you are suffering from stress, you need to check to see if you have high BP.

  • How to tell if you have high blood pressure?

You can suffer and do not know it, because there are usually no signs or symptoms that accompany the condition. However, some people do experience some symptoms. An increase of feeling tired, lightheadedness (dizziness) and frequent headaches can also point to high BP.

Whenever you walk into your doctor's office, if you're nervous about the visit, it can cause you to increase BP reading. Stress can contribute in a physical and mental way.

Exercise itself takes a temporary toll on your body (although it has beneficial results), and during the time you're moving your body, your BP will rise to some degree.

The only way you can be sure is to test your pressure. Most pharmacies have free BP. Now days, you will find BP monitor machines installed at big shopping malls where you can measure BP for free. You will have significant BP if your systolic pressure is over 140 mmHg, and your diastolic pressure is over 90 mmHg.

  • Risks of high blood pressure

There are many different risk factors involved. As mentioned earlier, stress can be a prime reason. Age, race, and lifestyle choices are also big risk factors. Your risk of hypertension increases as you age. African Americans have the highest risk of high BP. If you live an active lifestyle, binge drink alcohol, or use tobacco products, your chances of getting high blood pressure are increased. If your family has a history of high BP, you are at risk of having the condition as well. Your diet choices can also increase your risk of high BP pressure. Avoid having too much salt, too little potassium and too little vitamin D in your diet

  • Can high blood pressure cause dizziness?

Yes, dizziness is a symptom of high BP. If you are experiencing frequent bouts of dizziness, you should get tested for high BP immediately. Dizziness can be caused by the restriction of blood flow in the body. This causes your brain to be depleted of oxygen. Dizziness is a consequence of this deprivation.

  • Can high blood pressure cause headaches?

Yes, dull headaches are a symptom of increased BP. However, not all people suffering from HBP have headaches.