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The Truth About Hypertension Tips and How to Lower Blood Pressure the Natural Way – Learn to Live!

Hypertension wipes out more adults then everything else. Period! Hypertension puts you in severe risk if you let it run uncontrolled. There are many ways to treat this disease, it should not be this way. You need to learn ways to tackle this issue, without having to utilize horrible prescription drugs. I hope I made it clear the importance of applying organic and natural strategies to fight hypertension. Regardless, some action has to be utilized.

High blood pressure is a destroyer

You have to do something. When it concerns this disease I've, “been there done that”. After many years of dealing with this particular sickness, I've as a final point lowered my blood pressure to a steady low number, well within “normal” ranges. Once I found all of the terrific procedures to lower blood pressure by natural means I was able to lower my pressure levels and keep it down.

As a result of these outstanding benefits, I wish to show you just a pair of the great methods from which I have learned methods to deal with blood pressure. These are certainly not everything you need to find out, but with any luck, they may be powerful. Here are the two hints that hopefully may help you:

Caffeine is a powerful stimulant; because of that, it by design it causes the heart to beat faster. When the heart begins to beat faster blood pressure skyrockets. It causes the adrenal gland to release adrenaline, which causes the blood vessels to constrict again causing a increase in BP. If you can not find it in yourself to quit caffeine, then at least decrease the amount you consume to 200 milligrams or less each day, that ends up being about 2 cups. Remember if you go the path of limiting caffeine, you should always keep the goal in the back of your mind of someday stopping it completely. Decreasing it is great, but eliminating it is even better.

Garlic is fantastic for your complete heart health. It reduces both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure levels. It also thins the blood. It is possible to take in garlic whole but it really is much nicer to take it as supplement, that way you do not have to tackle chronic bad breath. Garlic alone can decrease your BP by up to 20 points; this really is a great amount and really significant for overall health.

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Naturally Reduce Your High Blood Pressure

OK, so you have high blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension (HPT). What's the big deal? Well, both HBP and HPT basically cause damage to your blood to your blood vessels. This in time can lead to an increased risk for stroke, kidney failure, heart attacks and heart disease. These can all lead to death, that's the big deal. If you want to be around to raise your family and even spoil your grandkids, then you have to do something to get your HBP under control. But what can you do about it? There are basically two avenues available to treat HBP; medication and lifestyle changes.

Choosing the medication may seem like the easy way out at first, and many people choose this method. However, as with most medicines, there are some possible side effects that should be taken into account. Keep in mind, there are a lot of different medications for HBP so the side effects will vary. But some of the more common ones include nausea, dizziness, headaches, extreme tiredness and chest pain. While this list is far from exhaustive, there is one more common problem that you should be aware of, and it's a biggie, Impotence. Now I do not want to make too much of this, but a lot of men tend to go off their medicine due to this side effect. As a result they often end up in the hospital or worse. And much of the time, patients with HBP are not candidates for medications such as Viagra. Great, what now?

Well, if you do not like the idea of ​​the side effects, then you are pretty much left with lifestyle alterations. To use this approach, there are several factors that you will need to change: (All may not apply to everyone)

  • Stop using tobacco
  • Limit sodium, alcohol and caffeine
  • Utilize relaxation techniques
  • Lose weight with a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly

Most of these are fairly self explanatory, but losing weight and exercise probably need to be discussed more in depth. First, as always, consult your doctor prior to beginning any weight loss or exercise program. Also, it should be pointed out that sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits are two of the leading causes of HBP. So these two points really are the biggies.

As for diet, it is actually pretty simple. AS stated above, limit sodium, caffeine and alcohol. In addition, you need to eat a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables (nuts are good too). Now, if you happen to be in the south, fried vegetables such as okra and pickles do not count. In addition, you should eat lean meats, poultry and fish (again, not fried). The basic idea is high potassium magnesium and fiber, and low fat.

In regards to the exercise, the most important thing is to get off your but. You need to focus on aerobic (with air) activities. These include vivid walking, jogging, swimming, hiking or even mowing the lawn. Basically any movement that causes you to breath hard and break a sweat. You do not have to go out and run a marathon either. Start out slow and build your way up to higher levels of activity. You really want to get to where you can go for 3o minutes a day, 3 to 4 days. Make sure that you stretch prior and after your workout to avoid muscle injury and soreness too.

You can control and reduce your high blood pressure naturally with out adding all sorts of chemicals to your body. It takes a little effort, but is well worth it. You can achieve a healthier, more productive, much more rewarding life with minimal work.

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The Real Truth About Hypertension – Straightforward Approaches to Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally

You would be nutty if you were not worried about hypertension and its effects on your health. Youought to be troubled; it is a horrid condition that effects many millions. In case you have hypertension or have risk factors for high blood pressure you may want to take action and learn solutions to lower your hypertension naturally. Read on to master a number of fantastic ways to do this …

The Truth about Hypertension

Almost certainly you understand the importance of preserving a controlled BP soon after analyzing the first paragraph. Try to remember, if you take high BP too light, it will kill you. The battle vs. high blood pressure is absolutely nothing new to me personally. Immediately after a long time of battling this condition We've extremely lowed my blood pressure to a steady low number. Once I found all the good procedures to lower blood pressure the natural way, I was able to reduce my blood pressure and keep it down.

As a result of such wonderful results, I want to present to everyone just a couple of of the truly amazing strategies I've figured out how to manage blood pressure. These are by no means almost everything you should agree, but ideally they may be handy.

Straightforward approaches to reduce blood pressure

Fish oils can have several beneficial effects on BP. Research on omega-3 fatty acid and and it's effect on hypertension has been satisfactorily due to the essential fatty acid “DHA”. This Omega-3 acid is believed to have anti-coagulant properties, improving blood circulation and allowing blood to flow via the system with elevated ease and effectiveness. Omega-3 can be found in other sources, like flax seeds but it's much more readily found and efficient in fish oils since the other oils do not naturally contain DHA but have to go through a process to turn other Omega-3 acids into DHA to accomplish the outcomes.

Reduce hypertension the natural way

A fantastic way of bringing down high blood pressure would be to start some light exercise routines. This does not need to mean substantial health club visits every night, but may be as simple as going for a lengthy walk, or perhaps a 20 minute trot. You will start to sense the advantages instantaneously as your whole body emits individual feel-good chemical compounds, while also helping to burn up that excess energy and preventing it from storing as excess fat. This may, in due course, help to thin down any fatty build up within the arterial blood vessels which will lower your hypertension.

Learn the truth about the horrid disease of hypertension and the great possible remedies

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5 Tips For Preventing High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, sometimes referred to as the silent killer, afflicts many people that do not even know they have it. But there are things you can do to eliminate this condition and many of them are simple steps that can go a long way in keeping you healthy and free of conditions that can be deadly. When it comes to high blood pressure, you can do more than you think to fight it.

1. Evaluate Your Risk Factors-Know what causes and contributions to high blood pressure. There are many things in our life we ​​can not change, such as; the family we are born into. But there are many things in our lives that we can control and change for the better if need be.

2. Eat healthy-What we eat has such a major impact on how healthy we are. Understanding basic nutrition and what foods are going to benefit your body and which ones are going to harm it is essential. Limiting the consumption of salt and eating a balanced diet are an important part of controlling your blood pressure.

3. Having unhealthy habits, such as; being obese, smoking and consuming an excess amount of alcohol can all lead to the development of high blood pressure. Controlling your weight and alcohol intake are important changes that can help control your blood pressure. Eliminating cigarette smoking has benefits far beyond controlling your blood pressure.

4. Exercise-As much as some people hate to exercise, the benefits are endless. If someone is healthy, there is a good chance they exercise. If a person has health issues, there is a good chance they do not exercise regularly. Even something as simple as a twenty minute walk three times each week will do wonders for your overall health.

5. Visit your Doctor Regularly-Even if you are a healthy person, you should be going to the doctor once a year. Early detection is the stepping stone to living a long life. With high blood pressure having very few symptoms, most people do not make a trip to the doctor to be checked for it. But it will be checked during a regular visit.

There are many things we can do to keep ourselves healthy and the first step is knowledge. Find out what causes health conditions and what you can do to prevent them. Having this knowledge and using it will give you the power you need to be the healthiest person you can be.

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BP Monitor – An Easy But Essential Tool in Lowering Blood Pressure Naturally

You've been working hard at lowering your blood pressure have not you? It's not been easy but you've managed to make some changes in your life because you know the consequences if you do not. You want the daily medication and you want to feel alive again do not you? So how's that working out for you? How do you know if your effort actually has had any affect? How often do you go between blood pressure readings? If you had a BP monitor that you could use at home everyday would that help?

If you're like most people who are seriously trying to lower their pressure naturally you are spending a ton of time analyzing food, counting sodium intake and timing exercises. You might even be keeping a log. Would not all that make more sense if you could get instant feedback on the progress? Or do you like the suspense of your monthly trip to the doctor to get your reading?

Today there really is no excuse for people with high BP not to have a monitor at home. The digital blood pressure models are accurate, easy to operate and inexpensive and can provide you with the positive feedback that will keep you motivated and focused on your efforts.

The problem with home testing in the past, and the reason most doctors did not recommend it, was that it required a degree of training to get accurate readings. Quite frankly just the process of an individual pumping up the cuff often times was so stressful that an individual's systolic pressure would increase. And accuracy? The manual blood pressure monitors were designed to be operated by doctors or trained technicians, not the patients. As a result, readings taken at home were often inaccurate and bad data is actually worse than no data.

Modern automatic BP monitors put an end to all that. The only training involved is when to take the reading and how to push the start button. The cuff will inflate to the ideal pressure automatically and there is no need to follow the bouncing mercury on a scale as the readings for both systolic, diastolic and heartbeat are displayed on the digital screen. There are a number of models available and they range from $ 50 to $ 125 which makes them affordable for almost everyone.

Lowering your pressure is a big part of your daily life. Does not it make sense to know just how you're doing?

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How to Measure Blood Pressure

How to measure blood pressure is a common question that often does its rounds among the ones suffering from this life threatening ailment. The most common means is the cuff. Often when you go for a medical checkup, you see the doctor wrapping a kind of thick black pad around the upper arm region. That is the cuff. It is connected to a mercury reservoir near a vertical glass tube. The rubber bulb that the doctor uses blows air into the cuff. Thus, the pressure generated within the cuff helps the mercury move inside the column. The mercury level increases when your heart beats and falls when your hearts rests.

There are two digital methods of measuring blood pressure levels as well – the Auscultatory method and the Oscillometric method.

The Auscultatory method uses a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. The doctor usually places an inflatable cuff around the region of upper arm, in such a position that it is vertically of the same height as the heart. Here also, the cuff is tied to a reservoir of mercury. The doctor then manually squeezes the rubber bulb till the time the artery is absolutely occluded. The time when the pressure of the cuff is reduced and the flow of the blood is recorded again, is known as systolic pressure. When the pressure further reduces till a point when no sound can be heard it is known as diastolic pressure point. It is important to take a record of both the points in order to measure the accurate blood pressure.

The Oscillometric method is functionally similar to the former method. It mostly serves clinical purposes. However, the only difference lies in the fact that this time the mercury reservoir is tied around the wrist and the pressure of the cuff is inflated and released with the help of a pump, which is electrically operated. This method does not require significant skills and the patients can perform the procedure without any professional help.

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How to Use a Blood Pressure Chart

Blood pressure is the actual pressure with which blood passes into the heart and is pumped out. Of course, in full analysis, it involves all internal organs. There is a maximum pressure phase and a minimum pressure phase; termed as systolic and diastolic phase.

Average and healthy humans show pressure symptoms that are ideally placed at: 120-80mm Hg. This is known to depend on lifestyle. Active people naturally heighten their pressure along with those who are heavily inclined towards smoke or alcohol. Stress of all kinds (emotional, financial and mental) adds to pressure problems.

For convenience, blood pressure charts have been conceived. There is an age-pressure graph created after research and analysis done on a mix of healthy and sick people. It is found that even in healthy people, BP in both its systolic and diastolic phase tend to go up a bit with age.

Traditionally, a 20 year old guy with no vices and healthy lifestyle will usually have a pressure range of 120-80. This goes up to even 164 for people in their mid-sixties and still considered normal. You are likely to make relevant readings of charts by comparing it with average pressure quotient in a particular age. For instance, 75-85 diastolic is taken as polite. Same goes for 115-125 systolic. For old people, a pressure reading of 140-90 is believed normal.

There are various stage charts ending in 210-120, which may illustrate a fatal high blood pressure scene. Low pressure will show charts in stages going down to 90-50. In both cases, the patient will have severe bouts of dizziness, nausea and pale skin. His appetite will also take a beating. For convenience, you can take 100 as a reference point and add your age to get the average systolic. Thus if you are 20, 120 is average.

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High Blood Pressure Can Be Reduced by Diet and Exercise

At this point most of us are aware that there is a very strong link between a diet that is healthy and general good health. What many of us may not be as aware of, however, is that the foods that we choose to eat, or even not eat, can have a direct effect on our blood pressure.

Individuals who are either overweight, or obese, run a much higher risk of having high blood pressure. A great many studies over the years have proven that even dangerously high blood pressure can be significantly reduced simply by losing weight.

The best way to lose weight is by moving around more by exercising which will burn off more calories daily. A good beginning is to exercise regularly at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Exercise, along with being aware of how many calories you are eating, will do the trick and help you both lose weight and lower high blood pressure.

One word of caution: If you are not now exercising and are overweight, it is a good idea to discuss a healthy weight loss plan with your medical practitioner prior to beginning an exercise program that may be too vivid.

Before beginning a diet keep a food diary for a week or two to see what your current calorie intake is now with the food you normally eat. When asked to estimate their normal daily calorie intake, most people tend to underestimate the number quite a bit. Keeping an accurate record of everything you eat for a little while will give you a true picture on how much you are really eating and where cutting back by reducing calories will have the most affect.

Medical professionals agree that the less sodium in your diet, the better your blood pressure will be. Blood pressure is very much affected by the foods and how much sodium you have in your diet.

To help lower your blood pressure, and to lose weight, your diet should not have too much red meat, starches, and sodium. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, poultry, and some lean meat are good sources of potassium, dietary fiber, and magnesium, all of which help to reduce blood pressure.

Choosing the right mix of foods for your daily meal plan, also counting the calories associated with those foods, and following a reasonable exercise program will all be quite helpful in reducing your blood pressure and reducing your weight as well.

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Interesting Methods That Can Help You to Combat High Blood Pressure Effectively

Do you have concerns about high BP and it's possible effects? You're correct to feel concerned. It is a nasty disease that effects people from all over the globe. In case you have hypertension or are at risk of getting high blood pressure it is advisable to make a change and gain knowledge of strategies to lower your high BP by natural means.

Almost certainly you recognize the importance of preserving a controlled blood pressure level immediately after reading the first paragraph. High blood pressure is a monster, you have to take action. I've been a long time victim of high BP. Inside the past 2 decades I happened across a methodology that effectively manages hypertension naturally.

Once I found all of the superb techniques to lower blood pressure by natural means I was able to reduce my blood pressure and keep it down.

By virtue of all these wonderful outcomes, I would like to give away to you just a couple of of the fantastic approaches I've realized means to deal with hypertension. These are certainly not all you need to be familiar with, but with luck, these are advantageous.

CAYENNE PEPPER: Red pepper cayenne is an useful spice that will help you moderate your hypertension. It has many great vitamins and nutrients, like many other herbs, that can help you with your general health. While this is wonderful, the best part about it is that it consistes of Capsicum, which is the part which gives it the spicy kick.

CALCIUM: Taking extra calcium in your diet can reduce hypertension in some folk and reduce your potential of cerebral vascular accidents. If you take 1,000 milligrams of Calcium every day, your chance of developing hypertension may drop as much as 40%. Fantastic resources for Calcium are raw cage, cheddar dairy product, Milk, and salmon.

MAGNESIUM: Including even more Magnesium in your diet is usually a great way to lower your blood pressure level. Magnesium and potassium function as a team in your body; if the magnesium amounts are low, most likely your potassium concentrations may be also. To increase levels of magnesium incorporated foods like oat meal, low fat yogurt and nuts. To boost Potassium Levels among the finest methods would be to eat bananas, rich in potassium.

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High Blood Pressure During Various Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a natural phenomenon that leads to procreation. Of course, women have to go through a lot of turmoil to bring the child in this world. One of these complications is high blood pressure. They may have had it all the way. They may have incurred it through ill-growth of the embryo, hormonal imbalance or wrong placement of placenta. This is a serious problem as women near their labor pains. It is technically termed 'Preeclampsia'.

Therapeutic remedies like listening to devotional songs or soft music in the morning serves the purpose best. Other ways to regulate blood pressure include leaving all vices, eating calcium and potassium rich food, and going for morning walks (just a few rounds is enough).

Proper rest is required if development of the embryo is not as expected. You should have a familiar gynecologist to consult if fatal problems arise. High-protein diets generally cause problems and your kidney starts behaving awkwardly. Filtering is not proper and the abdominal area that also contains the neo-natal child is endangered. This happens after five months of conceiving, and leads to chronic pain.

Cut on your salt and sugar intake. Try and regulate your high blood pressure before gestation, otherwise the condition may worsen during delivery. This often results in stillbirth and grievous condition of the mother. Stay away from antihypertensive medications. Continue with natural medicines and tried and tested solutions. A solution of honey and milk is also known to be a good remedy.

If there is hormonal imbalance in pregnant women, the child may have renal problems. He may develop feminine hits and is patently weak. It is wise to keep pregnant women free of all abiding tensions and stresses. In general, a little less than 10% pregnancy cases are said to be affected by high blood pressure. If you get pregnant in your late 40s, you have a higher chance of contracting high BP.

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The Significance of Blood Pressure and Means to Maintain a Normal Blood Pressure

The measure of the force of blood which flows through the arteries against the blood vessel walls is called blood pressure. In taking your blood pressure, always try to place the cuff accurately and if your blood pressure is elevated check it once more when you are relaxed. Bear in mind that pressure gets high after exercise or after eating meals.

Your blood pressure will elevate over time if you do not have a healthy lifestyle. If you have an elevated blood pressure always, you are at risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the near future. But the complication will not happen if you change your lifestyle, healthy changes will lower your blood pressure. The lower is your reading; the lesser is your chance to have a stroke or any heart ailment.

The following are some tips of healthy diet to avoid high BP:

Eat less amount of salt – Too much salt elevates BP, therefore it is essential to eat a small amount of salt as possible. Do not add salt into the food while cooking or in the food on the table. Choose foods that contain law salt and when shopping, check the contents of the food you buy.

Eat more vegetables and fruits – Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables will help to lower blood pressure. Adults must eat 400 grams of fruits and vegetables each day. Try to have an intake of different vegetables and also fruits. Frozen, tinned and dried are excellent, but observes for added sugar, salt or fats.

Drink a small amount of alcohol – Drinking excess alcohol will elevate BP over a period of time. The present limit recommended for alcohol take are twenty one units per week for men and fourteen units per week for women. A single unit of alcohol is around 1/2 pint cider or beer, a little goblet of wine and one measure of guts. If you take religiously the recommended limits of alcohol, this would help maintain your normal BP.

Maintain a healthy heaviness or weight – The finest means to have weight loss is to select more foods with low-calories and more low fat and do more physical activities. Set realistic goals for yourself and make some little changes in your eating practices and activity levels which you may maintain for life.

Be more energetic – Being fairly active for thirty minutes 5 times per week will keep the heart healthy and will lower blood pressure. If you are not able to exercise thirty minutes a day, you can at least increase your actions. By doing it gradually, small amount of physical activity can help also. Any physical activity which can let you feel hot and somewhat breathless is ideal. Doing any physical activity is really essential our daily lives. You have to think about any means to become more active every day.

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The Link Between Obesity and High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is also called hypertension. This condition is broadly described by medical professionals as “the silent killer” because most people do not even know they have it until it strikes a major organ system. Many people remain undiagnosed until hypertension is disclosed by having their blood pressure taken during a medical or dental appointment. For those who do have symptoms, they include headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, a flushed face and fatigue. Hypertension that is not controlled by medication, diet modifications and environmental / social conditions that produce high stress such as an extremely stressful home or job situation will result in stroke, aneurysm, heart attack, heart failure and kidney damage.

According to the Merk Manual of Medical Information, 2nd Edition, more than 50 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure – many do not even know it! Hypertention is an equal opportunity destroyer, but it tends to affect African Americans in particular. It is twice as common among people who are obese than amongst those who are not. Severe, long-term hypertension that is untreated can cause swelling of the brain, chronic headaches, nausea, vomiting, confusion, drowsiness, seizures, sleeplessness, and coma.

An overweight or obese person will be advised by their doctors to lose weight. Even losing as much as ten pounds can lower blood pressure! For those who are suffering from obesity-related diabetes, a radical change of diet that greatly reduces fat content, stopping alcohol (way high in calories), stopping smoking, and increasing physical activity through yoga, pilates, walking meditation, and mild to moderate increase in aerobic exercise. Regular physical activity helps reduce blood pressure and the functioning of the heart.

In addition to these changes in personal and social environmental levels, doctors will most likely recommend medication to reduce high blood pressure. These include diuretics to eliminate excess water content in the body, an alpha or beta blocker, an ACE inhibitor, an angiotensin II blocker, or a calcium channel blocker. Your health care provider will fully explain all medication options to you. These drugs do have side effects that are generally not serious when compared to the havoc that untreated hypertensation unleashes in the body.

For obese people with hypertension, the first front guard action is losing weight. Physicians dislike prescribing the drug phentermine or similar prescription drugs because has so many dangerous side effects, including fatal reactions and addiction to the drug. If phentermine is given, the patient must be very closely monitored by a health care provider to make sure the patient's use is not causing any serious medical problem.

For an increasing number of overweight and obese people, over-the-counter supplements are their answer to losing weight and keeping it off. Fortunately, illnesses caused by obesity are most often significantly reduced through weight loss and other medical protocol. It comes down to an obese person making a very serious personal choice: do I want to face chronic illness or even death, or do I want to lose weight?

Make your choice today, starting right now.

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What is White Coat Hypertension?

Most of our diseases are caused by virus and bacteria. However, quite a few culminate because of not being mentally prepared for a disease. Some people are psychologically afraid of hospitals and doctor visits. They may show normal behavior and condition, but once there is a talk of them visiting a doctor, they will show drastic changes in their other natural behavior.

This is most commonly evident in blood pressure defects. Whether you suffer from high or low BP (particularly high; known as hypertension), chances are that you are doing quite well in homely environment. There have not been cases of dizziness or nausea for some time.

However, once you are in for a routine check-up, that dread of doctors comes into play and your pressure levels involuntarily shoots up. Of course, the doctor will make a different note of your condition than the actual case. This is known as white coat hypertension or hypertension because of fear from the white coat (doctors).

This condition can multiply if you are a regular consumer of caffeine or tobacco. This also takes a serious turn during pregnancy. It may be corrected through psychiatric lessons or conducting tests and blood pressure reading in normal settings. Generally, women and middle-aged fellows are more prone to this defect.

This is a mild condition with very low fatality rate. Treatment includes holistic condition of the patient. He / she is advised to do daily drills, eat well, drink lots of water and take fresh air. Tobacco and alcohol is never a good habit to catch for these people. They should also care about losing excess weight if they are obese and lessen their cholesterol level.

There is usually a difference of about 30% in high blood pressure reading in white coat hypertension. You just need to take a deep breath and settle for the consequences.

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8 Surprising Blood Pressure Info Facts – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Most entrepreneurs and solopreneurs that I have facilitated in the last 14 years are looking for blood pressure info. This elusive dream of excellent health and happiness can become very expensive because of our desire for financial success at the expense of our health. Generally, we are too busy making money to pay attention to our health.

However, there are several tips, ideas and fact that not only can save you money but improve your lifestyle. And I am about to reveal 8 of the best ones.

Here there are: 8 surprising blood pressure info facts that can hurt you if you are not aware of them.

What is high blood pressure?

# 1: High blood pressure is defined as the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arms.

# 2: Many people have high pressure levels and do not know it until it causes severe health problems.

An abnormally high pressure does affect your health!

How does high pressure level affect your health and wellness?

# 3: Elevated pressure can cause heart disease, strokes, and kidney failure.

# 4: Anyone with a pressure level consistently 140 over 90 is considered to have to hypertensive and are prime candidates for many serious health concerns.

# 5: Some patients with high pressure levels have another health condition that has contributed to their elevated pressure reading.

# 6: Those with kidney disease, are pregnant, or have a thyroid that is not functioning may also have high pressure levels.

Once these conditions are treated, a patient's pressure level may come down.

What are some other factors that can cause high pressure levels?

# 7: High blood pressure is sometimes caused by too much alcohol consumption, an unhealthy diet, and obesity.

# 8: Other factors that cause high blood pressure problems include race, age, and family history. Men also have a higher risk of developing high pressure level than women.

No matter how long you have been going to your doctor, chances are you are not aware of these blood pressure info facts. The good news: So pick the sign you need from the ones I outlined above to see what stressful situations in your life right now are causing you blood pressure to rise?

We appreciate your feedback. Please leave your comments below. Peace.

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Know All the Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

By now we all are aware that blood pressure is a reading done when blood is inflated into the heart through veins and released through arteries to complete a cycle. The pressure is most while blood is in arteries and average reading should be recorded at 120 mm Hg (systolic). While in the ventricles, BP is least at 80 mm Hg (diastolic) for healthy fellows.

Strangely, if your diastolic falls down, you will get to know it straight on. Symptoms of low bp are pretty lucid as your skin will lose color, there will be profuse sweating and you will fault regularly. However, if you suffer from high BP, you may not even realize it unless you have your blood pressure checked. Thus, high blood pressure is also called 'silent killer'.

You may have sudden temper fluctuations and it gets easy to enrage you. Your heart rate is sooner to go up during marginal stress. Sometimes, you may even feel short of breath and these people are advised not to go to mountainous regions. You may even lose blood through your nose at those extreme points. Cases of sleeping sickness and swollen brain have also been found with this kind of pressure defect.

You should cut down many things from your food habits for best results. Try and refrain yourself from consuming meat, chicken and high proteins like pulses. Cut on your sodium and sugar content. Do not eat spicy food and steer clear of fires and tensions. Practice yoga that will synchronize your breath and keep you calm even in adverse circumstances. Take medication prescribed only by certified doctors and take daily dosage of boiled green vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits.

In extreme cases of high pressure, you may even go to coma as neural signals between brain and other body parts stop. Also, make a habit of having your pressure levels checked regularly.

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