After being diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) recently, I began doing some extended research on the causes of Blood Pressure and Dietary and Lifestyle changes required to keep it under control.

My diagnosis was given with a likely cause of Stress and Anxiety, but there are several other lifestyle factors that can hasten the onset, effect and ability to get it under control.

Consumption of highly processed and Fast Foods can play a leading role in the cause of High Blood Pressure or can make a previous diagnosis worse.

On the other hand regular consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables, raw unprocessed foods and a diet low in salt, sugar and fat can reduce symptoms and potentially prevent diet related Hypertension.

Hypertension can also be an associated side effect of carrying excess weight. A healthy eating diet such as mentioned above can not only assist in reducing Blood Pressure, but will improve other aspects of your health through a reduction in weight and the many benefits weight loss brings with it.

Since I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, my thoughts about food have changed dramatically. I always had a healthy eating outlook, but would often delve into the fast food arena. When hungry gets us in busy times we tend to reach for what is the fastest and most convenient.

Although I have studied Natural Therapies, and have researched and written hundreds of articles on Healthy Eating, I would still let myself slip into an unhealthy pattern.

Although my Hypertension was probably associated with Stress and Anxiety, I still felt it necessary to re-evaluate my Eating patterns and change them to suit the changes my body was telling me it needed.

When health is at risk, it's amazing how easy it is to find the time to eat right. Simple salads ,. Steamed vegetables and home made soups and super easy to prepare and quicker than taking the trip to the fast food restaurant to buy “synthetic food” that is already prepared.

Fast food restaurants could easily be attributed to many of the cases of High Blood Pressure in our society today. Together, with busier lifestyles and an increase in stress related illness, High Blood Pressure and other associated illnesses are likely to increase.

In Summary

To help prevent or assist in relieving the symptoms of High Blood Pressure:

  • Avoid an over stressful Lifestyle Home Services
  • Reduce Salt, Sugar and Fat in your diet
  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat as much raw fresh fruit and vegetables as possible

It is also important to speak to your doctor for ANY advice regarding high blood pressure.