Although curable and preventable, high blood pressure is still one of the top most killers these days. Years ago, this kind of ailment was known to be frequent in old people as they age, but recently it has affected young adults as well. High blood pressure is not just a simple cold that can just be ignored. It is a serious sickness that needs a lot of care to prevent it from getting worst.

Once it goes 140/90 mmHg, it happens already and is considered alarming. However, there are different ways and tips available around to have your high blood pressure controlled naturally. Some suggested methods that are proven effective in controlling hypertension are described below:

1. Decrease your weight. One of the frequent victims of it is someone who weighs over what is right for their age and size. This means that they are not eating healthy foods. Continued gaining of weight only worsens the dilemma and will trigger it. This is the reason why people with high blood pressure are advised to lose some weight to reduce it.

2. Make exercise a daily habit. Exercise is the best way to do in order to stay healthy and fit. This can greatly help in lowering it, but this does not mean that you spend your whole weekend exercising. Although it is true that the more you exercise the more you decrease your blood pressure, yet, exercising too much everyday can be a big health risk also. It is necessary to ask your doctor's assistance in making your exercise program.

3. Eat healthy. Delicious foods do not always mean good for the health. Oftentimes, these foods are the main cause of having health problems because most of them contain chemicals that can damage your body. Eating vegetables and fruits more than your daily consumption is really good and can lower it. It would be much better if these fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium and so on. Avoid taking in of processed foods, junk foods, or fast foods as well.

4. Refrain from too much intake of sodium. Salt is the top source of sodium and is consumed by people from foods they eat. However, consumption or usage of salt should be limited because it can cause high blood pressure if taken too much by the body.

5. Avoid too much intake of alcohol. Alcohol if taken in small amounts is good for the health and can actually lower it. But too much take of it can make your blood pressure go high and put your life in danger.

6. Stay away from smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine that can boost it. Smoking cigarette in an hour can raise it for approximately 10 mmHg. Can you just imagine how high can your blood pressure go if you smoke the whole day? This is just like killing yourself softly. Quitting this habit can prolong your life.

People should always be conscious to have their high blood pressure controlled naturally. Although there are a lot of drugs that can be bought over the counter, it is always safer to use the natural way. At the same time, spending a lot of money is easily prevented.