What is Blood Pressure?

Your “blood pressure” is a gauge that tells you how your blood is traveling through your body. It reflects to the amount of force executed by your blood on your artery walls as it the blood passes through. It is measured by the pressure being exerted when the heart contracts (systolic pressure or the top number) and the pressure on your arteries while your heart is at rest (diastolic pressure or the bottom number).

If the force of the blood being pumped is too high, it actually nicks the normally smooth lining of the arteries. When the treaties are damaged in this way, cholesterol can build up in an effort to repair the nick. Inflammation can also occur narrowing the hole through which the blood flows. Both situations can lead to heart attack, stroke, and even death.

The Weight Loss Cure

There are many factors that can cause your blood pressure to soar, including: high levels of sodium, low levels of calcium or potassium, and lack of physical activity. Watching your salt intake, getting the proper amount of potassium and calcium, and exercising are all great ways to lower your blood pressure. But one of the quickest ways to see immediate results is to take off extra weight.

You most likely hear how being overweight increases your changes for high blood pressure; but rarely do you get an explanation as to why. One of the reasons is that extra body fat weighs down heavily on your kidneys. As a result, your kidneys do not work as effectively as they should. Your heart will in turn force more blood through your arms in an attempt to help your struggling kidneys out.

The solution here is an easy one: lessen the body fat bearing down on your kidneys; by doing so you may see an instant lowering of your blood pressure. Remove as little as 5 – 10 pounds for significant improvement and a healthier you.