I grew up in the South. That means I grow up eating bacon and using the fat left over for other dishes. We did not pay attention to how much fat was in our ground beef. Most of the time it came from a side of beef that we stored in our freezer.

That was my comfort zone and while I did tone some of it back, that's the way I cooked for my family. Realizing that I was seriously overweight changed that. One of my children sat me down and told me that if I did not change the way I was cooking (and eating) she was afraid I would die. Let me tell you, that gets you out of your comfort zone without even changing things.

Work : I was doing the same job back then. It means sitting at a computer for hours at a time. By the time I was finished the last thing I wanted to do is cook from scratch a healthy meal. I learned something. It's just as much fun to cook using healthy ingredients as it is using their counterparts. It also tastes better.

Home : This is a bit of a hard area to change as both my spouse and I work from home. It's a lot harder to quit thinking about the job and get on with the things that need done. We've had to make a way to do that.

Lifestyle Change : That's what it is all about. My blood pressure when I was given that mother / daughter talk was 178/123. In order to bring it down I needed to change everything, not just what we ate. I had to exercise. It was not about a diet. Diets end. This can not or I very well might die. So might you.

I'm using myself as an example but I imagine most of you reading this article have a few issues that need changed. It may take getting out of your comfort zone. In fact, it probably should. Do not wait for someone to tell you that your actions could be killing you. Get started now, before it is too late.