When you have visited the doctor and been confirmed with the condition, it's difficult to know exactly how to begin lowering hypertension. Of course, we know that the condition relates to extended high blood pressure, so how maybe we begin tackling it? In this article, I will go through a few of the most effective ways available to help you on your way to lowering hypertension.

One of the most prolific causes is an increased level of fat, but also salt in the diet. Now, you may be a little surprised by that because your diet is not particularly unhealthy, so where could that fat and salt be lurking? Naturally, not everyone is obsessed with food labels and checking out exactly how many grams of fat are in your meals, but without leading to obsession this can be a great way of monitoring your intake and help towards lowering hypertension.

If you regularly prepare microwave meals or have take outs, what you do not realize is the exceptionally high levels of salt that goes into them. This “hidden” salt is often the reason people that suffer from hypertension have such high blood pressure, because they just do not realize they're eating it! Of course, most people will be aware that if you're eating high levels of fat, blood pressure will inevitably rise due to the increased stress on the arteries, but salt can be equally as harmful for hypertension.

Another great method for lowering hypertension is to take up some light exercise. This does not have to mean extra gym sessions every night, but can be as simple as going for a long walk, or even a 10 minute jog. You'll begin to feel the benefits instantly as your body releases those feel-good chemicals, while also helping to burn off that excess energy and preventing it from storing as fat. This will absolutely help to thin down any fatty deposits in the arteries that will bring down that blood pressure and start lowering hypertension within just a few weeks.

Finally, we're led to one of the main causes of hypertension that has nothing to do with diet or exercise. It's surprising to think how much of an effect your mental state can have on your body, but research has shown that those who lead a stressful lifestyle are more likely to suffer illness and thus: hypertension. So a great way of combating these high stress levels, whether they're through work or family commitments is by taking a good hour out of every day for some “me” time. Honestly, you might think that having a bath is a waste of water and time, but the benefits to your mental health can be massive. Activities such as listening to music, sunbathing or even power naps can help you to lower those stress levels and will extremely result in lower hypertening.

To summarize this article: watch what you're eating, take part in some light exercise and, most importantly, make time for relaxation and you will start lowering hypertension in no time.