A diet for lower cholesterol is one of the most definite methods to prevent heart conditions. Studies have shown that by using a diet for lower cholesterol you can cut as much as ten to twenty percent of bad cholesterol out of your system. Just stay on a healthy diet rich in veggies and fish, and make sure that you avoid saturated fats and trans fat as much as you can.

Cholesterol is fat substances that flows in your blood. Cholesterol is naturally produced by the liver however the food you eat contributes greatly to cholesterol build up. Cholesterol has good uses, it is utilized by the body to form body hormones however when there are excesses on your blood is harmful.

When your body have too much cholesterol in it, blockage to the arteries is a big possibility and can result in serious illnesses such as angina. If there is one part of the heart that it completely blocked by the plaque build-up it can cause heart ailment.

When sufficient oxygen supply in blood results in chest pain but if the coronary artery is completely blocked, it can lead to heart attack. High cholesterol in your blood is not something that you should never ignore. Blood clotting in your arteries are usually caused by plaque build-up. To prevent this from happening you can follow the diet for lowering cholesterol below:

Tip 1 – Eat more garlic

It has been proven that garlic have components that helps eliminate cholesterol. You can add more if on pasta, soups, or any dish that you love eating. It can even spice up your meal.

Tip 2 – Consume more soy foods

Sot foods are great source of protein without cholesterol. Soy foods includes. Tofu, green soybeans and TVP or the texturized vegetable protein.

Tip 3 – Eat beans 3 – 5 times per week.

Beans are rich in protein which is an essential substance that the body needs. You can make black beans, kidney beans combined with green salad, lentil soup and much more.

Tip 4 – Eat fiber rich foods

Eating of these types of foods promotes regular bowel movement because eliminating unnecessary deposits. Vegetables are fiber rich foods and must be included on your everyday snacks and meal.

Tip 5 – Use olive oil instead of butter

Margarine, butter, and cooking oils have too much cholesterol, and it is best that you use canola oil or olive oil when cooking to replace them.

Tip 6 – Use meat and poultry products as if they are condiments

When cooking do not use animal meats as your main ingredient, use lots of veggies and use meats to add flavor to your dishes. Meats have very high cholesterol content.

Tip 7 – Keep yourself moving

Doing daily exercises such as walking for thirty minutes every day helps increase your HDL level. These are good cholesterol. You can play your favorite sports such as swimming, jogging, or bicycling. These activities when performed everyday as a habit can strengthen your heart and muscles.