Hypertension is created out of excessive levels which an individual faces in his / her professional or personal life. How to overcome this will be a hard or fast rule in today's mechanical world. I remember my grandmother telling me “in those days we never had clock but we had a great time but today you have a clock but you people do not find time to spend it with your family”. She was absolutely right in those days people had time to visit their neighbors and relatives. But today we live in a mechanical era where we do not have time to spend with our family and children. I think this is where we fall into the trap.

Restlessness is really too bad and it creates hypertension. At least once in a week we should spend our quality time with our family members. Take them for a outing and the day will be filled with full of joy. Another best way to get rid of hypertension is to do yoga. Its an ancient breath control method developed in India by set of people called yogis. This will bring a complete control over your mind, body and soul. Science has proven that yoga can bring inn lot of change in your body by making your blood flow even in your blood vessels, it can increase your concentration power and can immensely reduce your stress levels.

I remember the words of the great leader Gandhi “When I admire the wonder of sunset or the beauty of moon, my soul expends in worship of the creator”. Today how many of us would observe the sunset or sunrise we say that we do not have time to back up our computers because we are too busy working on them, yet when those machines crash and months of important work is lost, we regret not investing a few moments a day in saving it. We have to set our priorities in a right direction. We should not live our life bound by the shackles of our schedules. Instead, we can focus on those things that our conscience and heart tell us to do. When we are going to do this, we can observe a lot of change in our stress levels. We can feel relaxed and stress free if we are going to follow it for our lifetime. All the best.