The dangers of hypertension should not be ignored. The condition is hard to spot without proper medical checkups and students may not consider themselves especially at risk. Here are some reasons to change that.

Stress : As a student progresses through school the classes become more challenging. Sometimes a subject required for graduation is not one that's easy for everyone who has to take it. This causes stress. Prolonged stress can lead to problems with blood pressure.

Food : The phrase “starving student” can be pretty accurate. This leads to a diet of things high in salt. If you've ever read the nutrition chart on a cup of Ramen noodles you might be surprised. There are other common foods students love to eat and are affordable that are just as bad.

Fear : When one hits college / university level of education a lot of things change. Many students move out of their family home and onto campus. That can be scary. Others worry about classes and grades. Some may worry about getting onto a particular sport team. These fears are not necessarily short term and can create problems.

Energy Drinks : I've read reports of kids drinking these beverages so they can stay up later to study. I've read reports of kids drinking them so they can stay up later to have fun. I've also read about these kids dying.

Energy drinks are not a substitute for sleep. They are very high in sugar, caffeine and caffeine related substances. They can cause hypertension. If there is an underlining heart problem it could be worse.

These hypertension factors can be resolved. If there are problems with stress or fear, talk to a counselor. Most colleges and universities have them available. If the problem is with studying, ask about tutoring sessions.

When it comes to food, spend some time looking for healthier options. It may not be easy and you may have to actually cook, but eating right should begin as early as possible.