High blood pressure is a common medical problem. It seems to happen as we age, as we become overweight and in some cases because of racial or family history.

Low blood pressure is not talked about much at all. That does not mean it's safe. Aside from the fact that when it's at zero the person is dead, it can create problems of its own.


Pregnancy : A pregnant woman can have, at one time or another through gestation, both. In the early months, particularly if morning sickness tends to last all day, low blood pressure is a problem. It is one of the causes of false during pregnancy.

Towards the end of gestation another complication can occur. It starts with pre-eclampsia , a rise in blood pressure and a rise in protein in the urine. This can move on to toxemia in pregnancy which is dangerous for both mother and child. This is treated by bed rest, medications and sometimes an emergency ceserean section. The birth of the child usually ends the problem.

Medications : Supplements and medications can play a role in both hypo – and hypertension. Over the counter medications can be involved with both. Medication to reduce blood pressure can drop it too low. Other medical conditions are also a cause in both.

Posture : Pregnant women are warned never to stand up quickly, particularly early in the pregnancy. It can cause light headedness and false, due to hypotension. Older individuals may have the same difficulties. It is caused by the pooling of some of the blood in the lower extremeties decreasing blood flow through the torso.

Prevention : The best prevention for both conditions is talking to your doctor and your pharmacist. This will help you avoid drugs that will make your condition worse as well as find out what is causing the problems. In some cases, simple changes can keep the numbers in the proper areas.