Does the title statement apply to you? If it does not; If you're an excessive and indulgent lifestyle is more important to you than living, then there is not much I can do for you. If you want to live, and you do not want to be forced to take horrible synthetic drugs that just make you sick, please listen carefully to me. You can cure your hypertension naturally. It will take some education and some training. It will take some work. But it is not that difficult or hard to do. You just need persistence and some dedication. So if you want to live, if you want to lower your blood pressure, and if you want to do it in a healthy and natural way, please read on …

Hypertension is a killer

I am not just trying to lay on the hyperbole when I make statements like this. It is a fact. Heart attacks and stroke (both directly caused by hypertension) are the # 1 and # 3 killers of adults. Additionally there are numerous other deadly diseases that can be directly caused or exacerbated by hypertension. So the real figures are even worse. Perhaps I am making this sound dire. If so, good, that is my point. Hypertension is nasty but the side effects from the prescription medications can seem equally bad.

Curing hypertension, is the cure worse than the disease?

In short, the answer is no. In long form … sort of. If you have to take high blood pressure medicines it is best you do it. The alternative is not good. The effects of the drugs, not to mention the cost, are horrid and horrible. If you need to take them and just ignore it, you die. So what to do? Well there are many many natural cures for hypertension and high blood pressure available. There are actually many things you can do to control your problem without having to resort to the medications.

Natural cures for hypertension