You may be asking yourself if Omega 3 fish oils are good for you. Duh! Have you been watching the news at all? Like Tony the Tiger says, they are not only good for you they are, “Greeeeaaaaat!” But that takes into account whole body effects where it seems to assist in everything from cognitive function to erectile dysfunction. How about in relation to hypertension specifically, how does it stack up there? Read on to find out more ….

Omega 3, a possible assistance in lowering high blood pressure naturally

Yes! Omega 3 fish oils do assist in lowering high blood pressure naturally along with the myriad of other beneficial effects it has lowers your blood pressure, triglycerides cholesterol and acts as a blood thinner. It has great effect. Many supplements lose their potency when put into “supplement” form. You get the best effect if you eat them in their natural state. This is not true, so you do not need to consume 10 fish a day do get your required fish oils, one single pill will do just fine.

How about possible side effects

Omega 3 side effects are all very minor. If you buy a reputable brand they are almost non-existent. The possible side effects are: Burping, some stomach discomfort, and possible diarrhea. When you compare these to the almost assured, nasty and horrible effects of synthetic prescription medications these effects are almost laughable because of the triviality. (And the fact they almost never occur). So please if you are considering the benefits of Omega 3 to reduce your hypertension, do it, you will not regret it.