Statistic on American Heart Association said about one in three person have hypertension or high blood pressure. In 2006 alone, 74.5 million people in the United States age 20 and older have high blood pressure. This condition will kill a lot of them yet 33 percent of the sufferers did not know that they even have high blood pressure.

Normal Hypertension Medicine Just Do not Cut It

Even if you're one of the two-thirds that know you have hypertension and are dealing with it with antibiotics, there are more bad news. Conventional hypertension medicine or treatment does not solve the problem, they just keep it under control. Let me tell you why.

Here is a simple way of describing what is happening. Imagine that you have a hose in your garden connected to a water tap. If you stand on the hose, the pressure in it will build up and the hose may burst or the tap explodes. The traditional way of dealing with this problem was to turn the tap down (beta-blockers), to make a small hole in the hose to let some of the water out (diuretics) or apply a chemical treatment to make the hose spongier (ACE inhibitors). None of these remedies got the foot off the hose! Now imagine that the hose is connected to millions of garden sprinklers and, instead of having your foot on the hose you start to block up some of the holes in the sprinklers; one or two at first and then hundreds and then thousands; once you will get the same effect as the foot on the hose. This is what happens in the human body when millions of capillaries, the very small blood vessels closest to the surface of the skin, get destroyed.

So what destroys the capillaries? All living cells employ a process called osmosis to control their chemical make-up and to thrive. This is the process by which cells balance their liquid content in relation to solids and, if one cell is more solid than its neighbor, they will exchange fluid until they are in equilibrium. In the human body, the principle solid content of the water circulating between our cells is sodium. If the sodium levels get too high then blockages that cause cause leaks from the perspiration system that then squash and kill capillaries. As they die, blood pressure goes up.

Let me give simple example of this process at work – and put an old myth to bed. It is usually thought that there is some magic substance in red wine which lowers blood pressure. In fact, a little alcohol thins the blood which is a good thing because most people have blood which is slightly too thick because of an excess of sugar. So, a little alcohol gets blood back to normal and is helpful in reducing blood pressure. If more and more alcohol is drunk then there is more alcohol in the blood now making it much thinner than normal. To correct this, the body adds lots of salt (a thickener) to the blood. The process is called osmosis and it works to keep the body in balance. This excess salt now raises blood pressure. So little and often alcohol is beneficial, bingeing is not. And why is only red wine beneficial and not white? White wine usually contains plenty of sugar so the sugar in a small amount of white wine cancels out the beneficial effect of the small amount of alcohol. Drinking lots of white wine on the other hand will increase blood pressure faster than red.

Unfortunately, drinking alcohol is not the long-term answer to solving hypertension. The average human being has something like four million sweat glands. In a hypertensive person, a million or more of these are blocked and the surrounding capillaries are under stress and this is what causes the problem.

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