Our society is gaining weight rapidly, this has some serious serious health implications such as high cholesterol.

People who have a high degree of high cholesterol may be limited in choice in keeping their cholesterol level under control.It's a known fact that high cholesterol can cause some serious damage to your body and is a major factor causing heart disease, the largest killer in western societies.

The simplest way in lowering your cholesterol naturally is monitoring the levels and types of foods consumed daily. If your reading this article I'm assuming your taking your health very serious.

The good news is that all the types of food in lowering your cholesterol can naturally be found at your local grocery shop, no need to travel to some exotic island in the middle of nowhere to find food you do not even know how to pronounce, let alone eat.

Another myth I'm going to put to bed! cholesterol reducing diets doesnt mean liquid diets and starving yourself to death, you will be surprised the choices of food that you may eat.

What is important is the daily consumption of cholesterol which is in the order of approximately 100 milligrams or less per day.

I can hear you say “yeah right how am I going to do that” a simple tip is to remember that cholesterol is found in products of animal origin, this does not mean you can not eat meat, what this means is to reduce cholesterol simply remove the fat, chuck a couple of pieces of vegetables and your done.

Choose your food today and make heart disease beg for mercy.