High blood pressure is a killer. That is a fact. The prescription medications you need to take are nasty and have a ton of side effects. That is also a fact. There are many natural remedies for blood pressure (BP) that will reduce the need for prescription pills, and garlic is among them. Thankfully, also a fact. Since hypertension is a killer that many people do not even know that they have and the “solutions” are expensive medicines that make you sick in their own right I hope that you take a moment and read this article on the ways that one herb, garlic , can assist you as a natural remedy for high BP.

Garlic decreases high blood pressure, how does it do it?

One of the ways that garlic works on hypertension is by thinning the blood. This is similar to the effects that aspirin can have on BP. There are some synthetic prescription medications that work on the same idea of ​​thinning the blood, but garlic does it naturally with no side effects. If you are taking prescription medications, you may want to consult a doctor, because if you are taking blood thinners you may not want to add more naturally.

Garlic one of the good natural remedies for high blood pressure

Garlic has been proven to have beneficial effects in lower high BP. Garlic “pills” can be used for this as well as garlic in food. Many of the natural remedies for high blood pressure can have their active ingredients stripped of them in the cooking process that is not true for garlic. Cooking it is fine. It is also a great substitution taste-wise for salt. Salt is one of the worst things you can use if you are hypertensive. Garlic will give your food flavor, like salt, but will also assist in actively lowering your hypertension.