For those who work in the office out of your house, you might face traffic jam and hear the noises during your trip. Without realizing it, you hear the noises that might danger your ears and even your health.

Do you know that noises such as the engine sound and horn sound can danger your health? You will find that the noises will not only generate noise pollution and annoying sound for your ears but also lead to high blood pressure.

It was proven scientifically in a study published in the Environmental Health Journal. In this journal, it is revealed that there is a relationship between highway noises and high blood pressure.

The research was done by a team from Lund University Hospital in Sweden. This team concluded that noises from the highway could lead to stress and sleep disorders. Those are two factors that trigger the high blood pressure.

One of members of the team stated that noise is a source of highway noise pollution that is closer to the community. It is important to know the impact on society by knowing the risks. The study involved 28,000 people in the Scania province south of Sweden. They are given questions through questionnaire sheet. From the questionnaire, the researchers concluded the result. Of course, there were also other things that were searched to get the accurate result. This research was done because the effect of high blood pressure is big enough, such as stroke and death.

Moreover, those who live near the highway have greater risk of suffering high blood pressure. If you live in the area where there are so many noises, you should be very careful. You should do some things in order not to suffer bad effect from noises such as high blood pressure. One of things that you can do is doing the ear protection.