If you need to measure and keep a record of your blood pressure – Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is a very good solution. However, there are several types of this device and you need to know how to choose the one that suits you most. This guide will show you how to choose which one suits you most – and how to find the best price for it online.

It's easier to decide which wrist blood pressure monitor you need by answering a few questions:

Credibility and Accuracy – How important is it for you?

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is easier to use than upper-arm monitors. The downside is that reading accuracy can be reduced if the monitor is not positioned just right. To have the most accurate wrist monitor – you have to look for a feature called “A positioning sensor”. This feature confirms correct placement before you take a reading. The Omron HEM-650 has that feature, for example.

Reliability – The Omron HEM-650 (known as the Omron R6 in Europe) is one of the few wrist blood pressure monitors recommended by the British Hypertension Society for accuracy.

What kind of memory features do you need?

Measuring your blood pressure at home and keeping a record of the measurements will show you and your doctor how much your blood pressure changes during the day. If you need to measure it for a long period of time – you should choose a monitor with a memory feature. Omron HEM-650, for example, provides a 90-readout memory which allows users to track their readings over a long period of time.

How many people will use the monitor?

If you are not the only one that will use this monitor – some types have a feature that provides different memories for different people. This will prevent confusion and a mix up in the readings.

Do you need to monitor your heart rate?

These monitors can also check your heart rate and detect irregular heart beat. If this is important for you – look for a monitor with this special added feature to it.

What is your wrist size?

In order to make sure you get an accurate reading, you have to make sure the cuff will fit your wrist. Most Omron wrist monitors offer this range of wrist size: 5 1/4 to 8 1/2 inches. If your wrist is smaller or bigger than this – consider looking for a different blood pressure monitor.

Getting the Best Price Online

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor, much like anything else, will be cheaper online than anywhere else. Once you've picked the type than suits you most – you need to decide where you're going to buy them. Buying from a trusted and well known site is important in this case also, you're not buying just another pair of shoes …