Hypertension and Hypotension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition where in the blood pressure or BP in the arteries are high. Continuous high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks, strokes, heart failure and aneurism. An increase in BP may shorten the life expectancy of a person. There are two kinds of hypertension, the essential hypertensive and the secondary hypertension.

The causes of Essential Hypertension include the lack of regular exercise, lifestyle, old age and genetics. Lack of exercise or what is medically termed as sedentary lifestyle or most commonly called as being a couch potato contributes a lot in the cause of hypertension. This is characterized by being inactive for most of the day with very little or no exercise at all. This will include watching TV, using the computer and reading.

This can also lead to obesity in which the complications include blockage of the arteries that also leads to high blood. Lifestyle may also be a cause of hypertension if they drink too much alcohol and smoke a lot. Most persons aged 50 years old and above usually have an elevated BP than younger people, this makes them more vulnerable to hypertension. Hypertension can also be inherited.

Secondary Hypertension is somewhat different because its root cause is not identified or difficult to identify as many conditions result to this. This is the result of the imbalance of the glands that produce certain hormones that regulate plasma and the heart. Other causes include kidney disorder, pre-eclampsia during pregnancy, congenital defects and use of some prescription and illegal drugs. Symptoms of Hypertension and Secondary Hypertension include dizziness, throwing up, nausea, disorder of the sight and drowsiness.

Hypotension is the opposite of Hypertension. This is a condition wherein the pressure of the blood is lower than normal. There are several causes of low hypotension, and the most common is hypovolemia or reduced blood volume. Hypovolemia can result from blood loss, lack of fluid intake that result from starvation or too much fluid loss from vomiting or diarrhea. Reduced blood output of the heart can also cause hypotension because the body will not be able to have sufficient supply of blood. Symptoms of low BP include dizziness, chest pain, and shortness of breath, irregular heartbeat, headache and fever higher than 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Hypertension and hypotension are called silent killers because they can strike any time that is why it is very important to constantly monitor blood pressure. One can go to some local drugstore as some of them have blood pressure monitors.

Visit the doctor regularly to be able to have your BP monitored. Or one can buy his or her own sphygmomanometer or BP monitor device. There are different kinds of blood pressure monitors; the manual which needs training to operate, the digital which can be operated by anyone and anywhere even in noisy places, and the portable digital finger blood pressure monitor. Whichever method is chosen, one must make sure to monitor blood pressure.

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8 Factors of Hypertension – Are You at Risk For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure (HBP) is the leading killer in the world today. Heart attacks and strokes are the # 1 and # 3 killers of adult males. This does not even include causes by other symptoms of HBP, like kidney damage it causes. Hypertension is also the “silent” killer so it is quite easy to have it and not even realize it, until it kills you. If you are not sure if you are at risk for HBP, this article will tell you some of the risk factors. If you have hypertension this article is good because it reminds you of the things you may be able to change to reduce your high blood pressure.

Factors of hypertension that you can change.

There are many factors of hypertension you can change.
1. Diet. High Fat diets are particularly bad. Diets high in salty are also bad
2. Smoking. We all know it is bad. Stop! Enough said.
3. Drinking. 1-2 drinks a day (particularly of red wine) has shown to have great positive benefits. Overindulging, though, is horrible for your heart health.
4. Adding salt. Salt is bad enough when it comes naturally in your foods. Never add it after the cooking.
5. Obesity. Losing weight is sure to lower your high blood pressure.

Factors of hypertension that you can not change

6. Age. As you age your chances of HTN increases. You may be fine at 30, but have very high blood pressure at 40, even though you are in better shape. It just happens. Monitor your pressure frequently.
7. Genetics and ethnicity. Not much you can do about this. Blame your parents.
8. Family history. More specific than just “genetics” If you have had relatives with HBP issues you need to guard extra carefully against it. You are in a huge “danger factor” area.

Steps you need to take to control your high blood pressure.

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Salt and Blood Pressure, a Marriage Made in Hell

Salt can raise your blood pressure. This is probably not a stunning or startling revelation for anyone. Perhaps people without high blood pressure might not know this tidbit but anyone with the deadly disease certainly knows all about it. If you have hypertension and did not know salt was dangerous, you really need to read this. If you did know but want to learn more about ways to defeat this deadly disease anyway (as you should), please read on.

Salt can raise your blood pressure

Salt can really be a deadly poison to the hypertensive. If “clogs” the arteries. When you have too much of it the kidneys have a very hard time expelling it from your system. “But do not we need salt?” you may ask. Yes we do. But all foods have salt added to them in the manufacturing. Unless you are extremely careful in your shopping process you are likely getting way to much salt even if you never add a single grain to your food. There is just so much salt in products these days.

I want to lower my blood pressure naturally, how can I use salt to accomplish this?

Well stop putting it on your food. Use alternatives like ginger and garlic, both of which actually lower hypertension. Really check out food labels on packaging. Reduced salt only means a 25% reduction from the previous packaging of the product. It could still have 2-3 times your daily dose in the package. You have to be very careful and discerning about the products you ingest. Salt does taste good, I understand, but is it good enough, literally, “to die for!”

Lower your blood pressure and save your life

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I Have Hypertension But I Do Not Want to Die Quite Yet!

Does the title statement apply to you? If it does not; If you're an excessive and indulgent lifestyle is more important to you than living, then there is not much I can do for you. If you want to live, and you do not want to be forced to take horrible synthetic drugs that just make you sick, please listen carefully to me. You can cure your hypertension naturally. It will take some education and some training. It will take some work. But it is not that difficult or hard to do. You just need persistence and some dedication. So if you want to live, if you want to lower your blood pressure, and if you want to do it in a healthy and natural way, please read on …

Hypertension is a killer

I am not just trying to lay on the hyperbole when I make statements like this. It is a fact. Heart attacks and stroke (both directly caused by hypertension) are the # 1 and # 3 killers of adults. Additionally there are numerous other deadly diseases that can be directly caused or exacerbated by hypertension. So the real figures are even worse. Perhaps I am making this sound dire. If so, good, that is my point. Hypertension is nasty but the side effects from the prescription medications can seem equally bad.

Curing hypertension, is the cure worse than the disease?

In short, the answer is no. In long form … sort of. If you have to take high blood pressure medicines it is best you do it. The alternative is not good. The effects of the drugs, not to mention the cost, are horrid and horrible. If you need to take them and just ignore it, you die. So what to do? Well there are many many natural cures for hypertension and high blood pressure available. There are actually many things you can do to control your problem without having to resort to the medications.

Natural cures for hypertension

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Cooking Foods to Decrease Hypertension, Wok Your Way to Health

First off, the title was a dumb pun; I just could not help myself. Anyhow, learning to cook your way to heart health is an important topic. You may think that heart healthy is a textbook synonym for bland and horrible tasting. Sure it can be, but that is not necessarily the fact. If you invest any effort in finding tasting dish alternatives I can actually tell you that bland and horrible are really the exception. To find out more, read on …

Why the need to eat heart healthy

Heart attack and strokes are the # 1 and # 3 killers of adults today. That does not even include many other minor killers that result from high blood pressure. This means that odds are your high blood pressure will end up killing you. Do not think that this is just a disease of the old and out of shape either. I first was diagnosed with hypertension when I was barely out of my teens and because I had earned a few pounds since then I was in quite good shape then. So even though I want to get off my pulp now I will say that this heart heart is for everyone.

Cooking Foods to Decrease Hypertension

This could possibly be a book (there are some). I will not waste your time (and mine) by writing out 50 good recipes I will just give you an overview. You want lean meats, polyunsaturated fats and fruits and vegetables to be your main diet staples. Try grilling or stir-fry to cook. (Remember: Wok your way to health). There are even a lot of foods that may be fattening, that are also heart healthy. Avocados are a great example of this. High in fat, but mostly good fat. I would not recommend an “avocado only diet” but you should have a few every day if you like the taste.

Great ways to cook your way to health naturally

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Cure Your High Blood Pressure Naturally – Use Exercise to Help You Lower Your Blood Pressure

We all know exercise is good for us. It is easy to say that you are going to do it “someday”. High blood pressure (HBP) should give you added impetus. Not only does losing weight make you feel better and look better but because of circulatory system issues like HBP and Hypertension (HTN) it can actually make you live longer. Often significantly longer. If you want to live stand up and say “I want to live”. Now sit down. If you want to lower your HBP stand up and say “I want to lower my HBP” Now sit down, see I have you exercising already! Read on to find out more about ways to cure your high blood pressure naturally …

There is no magic cure. Burn more calories than you take in you lose weight

In fact it gets worse than that, many of the Diet pills are just heavy in caffeine, what they do is raise your BP, which is exactly what we are not looking to do. You need to lose weight the hard way (which also happens to be the right way) exercise more. If you are not used to physical routines, not worries, just start nice and easy. Even a 30 minute walk through the park can be great, you just have to set apart time to do nothing but exercise and make it a routine. As you get stronger and healthier you can add on and varied aerobic exercise

Cure your blood pressure naturally, you do not want the other options

If you do not research and find out the ways that you can lower your BP naturally you will be stuck with only synthetic drugs to get you through it. They are pretty debilitating and have heaps of unwanted side effects. You may be forced to take them if you let things get bad enough, but take my word for it and do everything you can to try to avoid this option.

Besides starting an exercise routine to lower your hypertension what other options are there?

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Natural Cures For the Horrible Disease of Hypertension – Uses of Potassium

Hypertension will kill you! If you doubt me, do nothing and see what happens. Unfortunately you will not be around to pay me off. Heart Attack and Strokes are the # 1 and # 3 killers of adults in America today. That does not even get into diabetes, liver issues and numerous other issues that can be caused and complicated by high blood pressure. Think it is not important? Think again. There are natural cures for the horrible disease of hypertension that are available thankfully, read on to find out more …

Prescription medications a cure but with a heavy cost

Synthetic prescription medications for Hypertension (HTN) and High Blood Pressure (HBP) are available when and if you need them. Unfortunately they are full of horrible and nasty side effects. It is; of course, better than death but from having been on them in the past I can say it is not much better than death. The sad thing is as nasty as they are with all the side effects that just do in a synthetic manner what natural cures can do organically. Not that it should be an issue, since your life is at stake, but they cost a lot more too.

Natural remedies, the uses of potassium

One of the many natural remedies is Potassium. Where can you get potassium? Many fruits are a good source. Particularly Bananas. A potassium rich diet has shown numerous benefits. Simply put, Potassium is one of the best nutrients you can take to help you with your blood pressure. A potassium rich diet has been shown to decrease blood pressure by as much as 20 points for people at risk and hypertensive levels.

Other natural remedies and cures for hypertension

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Reduce High Blood Pressure – No Need For Medication

Are you worried about taking prescriptions to control your blood pressure? If so, it is possible that you can fully avoid the possible side effects associated with many of the medications often prescribed to reduce high blood pressure. Here are a few methods you might want to consider before you fill that prescription.

The most important thing for you to do to lower your high blood pressure is to leave sodium out of your diet. You probably already know this, but do you know why? Sodium makes the body hold on to the fluids, such as water. This excess fluid being stored in your body causes the heart to work harder to pump the blood to your organs.

Look at the labels when you go to the grocery store. Try to avoid low salt and low sodium products. Instead look for the substitutes for salt. You will be surprised when you realize what is out there that can really add new flavor to your foods.

Caffeine is also a culprit in raising your pressure levels. If you must have that morning cup of coffee, you should switch to decaffeinated coffee. If you notice you begin to have headaches when you switch to decaf coffee you should switch to lite coffee. This has caffeine in it, but in a smaller amount. Slowly and gradually reduce the caffeine in your coffee until you are drinking only decaf.

If you are overweight, you already know that it is important for your overall health to begin shedding the pounds. However, it is vital that you lose the weight to reduce the strain on your heart. As the weight begins to come off your blood pressure should begin to reduce itself.

Exercise regularly and gradually increase the intensity of your workout. Make sure your doctor approves of the exercise regimen you will be doing. Take it slow at first. Do not over do yourself. If you do, it is likely that you will be sore and related to continue exercising.

Stop smoking and drinking. These have very ill effects on the body and even worse effects on the heart and pressure. If you need assistance quitting smoking or drinking speak with your doctor for some assistance.

It is likely that you can naturally reduce high blood pressure by taking advantage of the tips given to you here. However, before you begin listening to the advice of anyone, you should discuss your thoughts with your doctor. He or she will be able to best direct you in reducing your blood pressure without the need for medicines.

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Reduce Blood Pressure by Not Drinking Soda

New research finds that avoiding drinking soda and other sugary drinks may help reduce blood pressure. Earlier studies had linked sugary drinks to lots of troublesome conditions – obesity, type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome (a cluster of risk factors that up the risk for heart disease and diabetes), but until now, no research had found that drinking too many sweetened drinks can bring up blood pressure readings.

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a major risk for heart disease and dangerous, debilitating stroke.

The latest work included 810 adults (25-79 years old) who had prehypertension (120-139 for the systolic number, or 80-89 for the diastolic number) or early stage 1 hypertension (140-159 for the systolic number, or 90 -99 for the diastolic reading) who were taking part in an 18 month long trial intended to bring down blood pressure by losing weight, eating right and exercising.

The systolic number is the reading (the top number) that represents the heart at work, while the diastolic number (the bottom number) is the heart at rest. An ideal reading is now considered anything below 120/80.

Most of the subjects in the study drank an average of 10.5 fluid ounces of sugar or high fructose corn syrup containing drinks each day. The drinks included regular soda, fruit drinks, lemonade and fruit punch. When the subjects halved their soda intake, a 1.5 point reduction in the systolic pressure, and a 1.1 drop in the diastolic number were the result. This standing up even after controlling for other risk factors is known to be involved with hypertension. Hard to argument with that.

Americans down nearly 28 ounces (in 2.3 servings) of sugared drinks every day, making it a very popular choice, and according to the American Heart Association, one in three adults in the US has been diagnosed with hypertension.

Just imagine the impact of cutting the sugar-laden drinks on those numbers if more people got the message that these drinks are hurting their heart and blood pressure.

To put these findings in perspective, data cited in the report suggests that a three-point drop in systolic blood pressure could cut the risk of dying after a stroke by 8%; heart disease death by 5%.

What accounts for the effect of sweet beverages on blood pressure is not understood, but there are theories. Some believe these drinks, often loaded up with sodium, can up your blood pressure. The sugar raises levels of hormones known as catecholamines that actually cause blood pressure to go up.

There is also the belief that uric acid could be a factor. That high fructose corn syrup brings up uric acid levels, and this has been found to increase blood pressure. Not sure how much of this you're taking in? Start reading labels, and work to cut what you're consuming by half and you'll see some benefit.

For now there are 20 cities and states that are thinking about taxing sugar sweetened beverages, but no legislation has passed yet. This latest study is one of an incredibly long list that show the negative impact of drinking these beverages on the body, fueling more calls for taxing them.

In a written reply, the American Beverage Association maintains the focus on losing weight, cutting calories from all foods (and drinks) and burning more calories as the best way to bring those blood pressure numbers down. Specific food choices are not thought to factor into things at all, while weight loss clearly does have an impact. Also fair to note, this study is a secondary analysis of another that was looking at the impact of weight loss (not cutting foods / drinks) to reduce blood pressure.

Before you place all the blame on drinking sodas … condiments like ketchup and sauces also bring their share of trouble. And just think of the depths of these toppings you're using … we're all taking in more calories than we think, in more places than we realize.

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Spice Up Your Life and Lower Your Blood Pressure

A client of mine sent me a mail regarding the plus points of the cayenne pepper and said that it can very finely heal the issue of high blood pressure. So I thought of promoting the thought to everyone of my clients across the globe. I am here to tell the advantages of it.

Many under this condition of hypertension in the US which can lead to serious health issues. It can be kidney collapse, heart problems and strokes. Renal failure and heart problems are reported seriously with lot of other complications.

So many drugs are available for treating the hypertension problem. This can lead to a number of secondary effects. It can cause a tired feeling, lack of sleep and vomiting feeling. It just gives a android life which is of no use to anyone.

The most innovative method of curing this issue using a herbal remedy is to use the Cayenne pepper which is the Cayenne Capsicum. This is naturally available and cures the problems of hypertension very easily.

The main constituent of the cayenne pepper is the Capsaicin which gives a spicy effect in the thing. It purifies blood and helps in digestion. It reduces the effects of arthritis and atherosclerosis.

The main nutrients in the Cayenne pepper is the vitamin A, B, C, potassium and organic calcium. It is very effective in helping the digestion of the food and a fit well being.

This is very powerful in driving away the high blood pressure and it is known for giving a pure sense. The cayenne pepper or the Cayenne Capsicum also eliminates the drowsy feeling which one gets when taking the drugs prescribed for treatment.

So now you should have decided to take in cayenne pepper in food. If so it is a very good decision. If you want to take up a package along with this to reduce hypertension very easily then try the all natural High Blood Pressure program which I have designed.

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Health Benefits of the Wonderful Cayenne Pepper

I had got a lot of replies from my clients about the good effects of the cayenne pepper which I talked about in my previous contents. So I decided to update data about the same here.

The main uses of it are giving pain relief, normalizing blood stream, digestive maintenance and prohibiting the thickening of the arterial walls with thermogenesis and it also prevails arthritis. It eliminates the heart issues.

Americans belonging to the southern and the middle parts consumed it first and thought out its effectiveness to heal a lot of health complications.

In Costa Rica and the Bahamas it was to cure upset stomach and its problems. In the Africa it was to bring down the vascular issues and in the Northern US it was taken in as a tonic to boost natural health. Native US people had it as an Aztec royalty cure.

It is used as a painkiller for skin problems and herpes zoster and serious skin complications.

It is also very good in alleviating headaches when done with breathing exercises. It is known to control blood flow as told before.

In very single country the cayenne pepper has been taken some form. With a lot of advantages it gives fitness with so many good points. This should be incorporated in the diet we take.

The pepper is known for its degree of spice and a fiery taste. This in the next form is used to garnish over salsas and juices.

Medication is the not the solutions for giving a fit life. Naturally grown foods are the only ones that help in giving a permanently fit life.

I'm recommending my package called natural High Blood Pressure program which has helped so many in bringing down their blood pressure effectively.

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What Are the Health Hazards Caused by Noise Pollution?

Curiosity killed the cat? Well, in my occupation, curiosity and my desire to state my curiosity is the single most important thing that keeps me growing and moving forward.

I am a mature person and I have confused myself by asking a lot which has got effective results that aids me and everyone as well.

A buddy of mine and I play a little game where she gives me information about a person's health concern and I identify the cause of the concern. Just the other day she told me of a person that lives near a airport who suffers from hypertension.

I am here to find out the effects of the health problems as this is not based on situations and conventions.

The disturbing sound from the flights, mechanical applications and slight sounds have created so many hazards in people's lives. The sound created in the airport was the key reason for the woman's health issue.

Noise Pollution may be termed as the most bothering and aggravating sounds caused by people, pets and animals.

120 decibel sounds can cause actual pain in the ear, 85 decibels can negatively impact our hearing; sounds at 45 decibels, equal to the humming of the refrigerator, can interrupt sleep.

Strain, annoyance and absence of mind are caused by the sounds heard from a distance like ringing of a clock, traffic although they remain unheard to a certain extent.

Noise is created in Street, Vehicle traffic, amusement parks and departmental stores and offices.

Loud Noises heard for a short period can cause insomnia, hypertension, confusion and loss of logical thoughts.

Deafness, heart problems and stomach disorders and mental illness are caused by Continuous contact with the noise Continuous contact with the noise.

The US states think that the hazardousous noise is an annoyance but fail to notice the ways to stop it and find out the cause, type of element causing pollution.

when noise can not be eliminated it needs to be reduced by using ear plugs or muffs but is vital to lower the harmful effects of it.

My High Blood Pressure Program is effective in lowering the blood pressure. Physical activities that help in bringing down the blood pressure are very easy and comfortable to do. There is no possible way for me to eliminate this pollution by reducing the noise created at homes and workplaces.

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Taming Lowers Hypertension

One of my close friends told that he spent his time looking at the fish tank once he got back from the dentist.

He looked at the aquarium after he had given his exams.

The test that he had was not the same as he had before.Dentists had the instruments inserted in his mouth but they wanted to make him talk though it was inside. The main aim of the test was to make his mind peaceful and happy.

He calmed down completely once he watched the movement of fish in the water. He was not interested in watching the fish swim but this incident cave him a completely different feeling.

I had been raised at a place where we had lots of animals and plants. Interacting with the horses and other animals, taming them has made me feel far better and peaceful

Taming animals or watching the movement of fish in a tank has reduced the blood pressure considerably

Other studies have shown that pet owners suffer from fewer anxious outbursts and in general, have lowered blood pressure.

Spending time with animals has reduced blood pressure in many. To go deep inside, researchers have investigated measuring the levels of neurochemicals when time spent with pets and when not. This might probably be for every 20 minutes.

The secretions of such chemicals were less in those who spent more time in domesticating animals.

Stress is a major contributor of high blood pressure. High blood pressure in turn leads to the harm to the parts of the body like kidneys and heart. It can also cause Strokes and cardiovascular problems. Drinking and smoking increase the possibilities.

Does this mean you have to run out and buy a pet? As a pet owner, I highly encourage you to consider whether or not this is realistic to you. Pets require time, energy and money and an unprepared pet owner is an irresponsible pet owner.

Additionally, many of my clients have allergies which do not entertain the idea of ​​pet ownership. Why not try turning on your local animal channel and watching animals in nature. The lion killing the gazelle aside, many of these programs (I especially enjoy the ones related to sea life) are a relaxing way to “chill” for a half hour or so.

If high blood pressure is a concern for you, I highly encourage you to try my all natural Hypertension No More program. It's all natural and best of all, it works!

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What is Blood Pressure?

Having high blood pressure is known as Hypertension and it is also known as the “Silent Killer” why? This is because there are often no symptoms or side effects from having it. Let me explain what blood pressure is. When you have your blood pressure taken, your health professional or Doctor will give you the reading in two numbers for example 120/70. The higher number, the first number is known as Systolic and the second or lower number is known as Diastolic.

Blood is constantly being pumped around your body and for the oxygen to reach those parts of the body which are furthest from the heart, there needs to be a constant pressure in the blood vessels. The heart then has to contract with a force that allows the blood in the heart to be propelled out through the aorta and then to the rest of the body, but it has to contract at a greater pressure than there already is in the body.

The pressures at which the heart has to contract can be measured and this first reading, known as systole or the higher number, is the high pressure the heart has to reach as it is then able to open the heart valve into the aorta to then pump the blood into the aorta and on to the rest body.

The lower number, diastole, is when the heart is rests and blood flows back into the right side of the heart and the heart itself gets it own oxygen supply.

The ideal blood pressure reading for a healthy individual is up to 140/85 and for those who are diabetic up to 130/80. The higher the blood pressure readings, the more pressure the heart has to work under and also the time when the heart relaxes is shortened. So a blood pressure of 210/110 would be a staggering amount of pressure the heart constantly under. Over time if your heart has been working at these higher levels the increased effort may lead to the heart itself to becoming thickened, enlarged and less efficient, and this can lead to a heart condition known as Heart Failure.

Blood pressure increases with age and varies very not just between individuals, but also for the same person from minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day. It is therefore advisable to get your blood pressure checked at least once a year and if it is found to be raised your doctor will monitor it, because of the reasons above, so as to get a better picture of what is going on.

For those who have heart disease or who have been through a heart rehabilitation program it is vital that their blood pressures are regularly checked and monitored

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Hypertension Self-Management Holds Promise

Home BP monitoring has long been thought to be very useful to hypertension patients who are prone to the infamous white coat syndrome. Home monitoring is also key to detecting elusive blood pressure conditions such as morning hypertension which occurs too early in the morning for doctors to easily detect it.

The success of home BP monitoring has opened new horizons for medical professionals and experts who are keen on effectively controlling hypertension and improve the lives of millions of people. Now doctors realize that high blood pressure patients can effectively get into their own hands the control and management of high blood pressure conditions.

Researchers recently proved that self-management of hypertension led to significant and worthwhile reductions in BP compared with usual care. Patients were trained to take own BP and adjust medication accordingly. In as much as self-management of hypertension may not be suitable for all patients, among those who can use it self-management will improve the lives of more than 2 million patients on the UK alone.

As technology continues to improve it looks very likely that most chronic diseases will be better managed by the patient them self than the doctor. Online submissions of daily BP readings from home and the corresponding instruction on medication variations are all possibilities that have so far been proven in studies.

Hypertension self-management at home takes way the burden experienced by many patients who are not comfortable visiting the doctor at the hospital or clinic. The fact that treatment and monitoring is done at home has the further psychological benefit that things are under control.

In developing world in particular where the ratio of doctors to patients is extremely a concern, with a little training patients in remote places will be able to bring high blood pressure under control via self-management. This will improve the quality of health care and the reach of medical services in communities that are in desperate need of medical attention.

Working with international technology companies such as Omron and others, international health institutions such as the WHO can use technology to improve blood pressure health care in developing countries such as China and India and many other countries in Africa. There will be need to technologically develop blood pressure devices that will effectively facilitate BP self-management by ordinary folk.

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