High Blood Pressure and Your Health

Blood pressure is the force that your blood exters against the vessels in your body as it flows through it. When it is elevated, the blood is pressing too hard, and this can cause a variety of damage.

It can cause atherosclerosis, or the slow formation of a plaque, that can cause a clot. The clot can then cause a variety of problems, including a heart attack, stroke, and deep venous thrombosis.

High blood pressure, or hypertension, can cause damage to your kidney, your eyes, and a variety of other organs.

The problem is that for the most part you can not detect hypertension. It in general has almost no symptoms. You may notice a feeling of dizziness, or, more extremely, blood in your urine, but that is typically not going to happen.

If there are symptoms from high blood pressure, they are usually at the very end. The damage has been done and there is almost nothing to reverse it.

How is it detected?

Very often, you will go to a doctor's office and a standard reading will indicate whether or not you should be concerned.

How is it treated?

The main treatment is to adopt lifestyle changes that can reduce the risk of developing hypertension and possibly lower it as is.

One main way to do so is by changing your diet. Consuming less sodium can help lower your blood pressure. Additionally, eating a more balanced and healthy diet can provide important benefits and assist.

Getting more exercise is also a great idea.

Sometimes this is not enough. When natural methods for treating hypertension do not work, one often has to try medication. Medications include ACE inhibitors, beta blockers, calcium channel blockers, and diuretics.

When properly managed, hypertension is something that need not cause that much problem.

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How to Overcome Hypertension

Hypertension is created out of excessive levels which an individual faces in his / her professional or personal life. How to overcome this will be a hard or fast rule in today's mechanical world. I remember my grandmother telling me “in those days we never had clock but we had a great time but today you have a clock but you people do not find time to spend it with your family”. She was absolutely right in those days people had time to visit their neighbors and relatives. But today we live in a mechanical era where we do not have time to spend with our family and children. I think this is where we fall into the trap.

Restlessness is really too bad and it creates hypertension. At least once in a week we should spend our quality time with our family members. Take them for a outing and the day will be filled with full of joy. Another best way to get rid of hypertension is to do yoga. Its an ancient breath control method developed in India by set of people called yogis. This will bring a complete control over your mind, body and soul. Science has proven that yoga can bring inn lot of change in your body by making your blood flow even in your blood vessels, it can increase your concentration power and can immensely reduce your stress levels.

I remember the words of the great leader Gandhi “When I admire the wonder of sunset or the beauty of moon, my soul expends in worship of the creator”. Today how many of us would observe the sunset or sunrise we say that we do not have time to back up our computers because we are too busy working on them, yet when those machines crash and months of important work is lost, we regret not investing a few moments a day in saving it. We have to set our priorities in a right direction. We should not live our life bound by the shackles of our schedules. Instead, we can focus on those things that our conscience and heart tell us to do. When we are going to do this, we can observe a lot of change in our stress levels. We can feel relaxed and stress free if we are going to follow it for our lifetime. All the best.

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Lower Blood Pressure Fast to Live Longer

We are all so lucky to live in the world with so many health advantages. Even though we have many pollutants to deal with that were not even thought of 50 years ago, we also have an average life-expectancy well above 70 years old across much of the globe. This is primarily due to advances in health, science and available medication. One trend that continues on a downward trend for many of us is high blood pressure. Many people could benefit from researching ways to lower blood pressure fast, so we do not have to face the consequences down the road.

Ways to lower your blood pressure:

If you smoke, then quit. It's harder than it sounds, but quitting will really lower pressure fast – within 20 minutes actually and your levels will continue to lower for up to a year after quitting smoking.

Are you overweight, do not exercise much? These are both no-nos for healthy pressure. Excessive fat consumption and fat stores on your body lead to more fat / cholesterol in your bloodstream. Most overweight people also consume too much sugar and other refined carbohydrates, leading to high blood-glucose which also leads to high blood pressure. Exercise will also help lower blood pressure fast by lowering both your blood-fat and blood-glucose levels.

Drink enough? No not alcohol (although very moderate consumption will help lower pressure). Not drinking enough water will cause your heart to beat faster than it should have to, due to lower than normal blood volume bought on by dehydration.

Not everyone can eat the perfect diet, but you can take a multivitamin / herbal supplement designed around heart health, or better yet: Lowering pressure. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables in your diet as well. Excess sodium also causes high pressure, so avoid sodium rich foods like your life depends on it (it does).

Most people fall into one or more of the previous categories. Fixing pressure problems is something that should be started sooner, rather than later.

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Hypertension – Why You Must Not Neglect Your Drugs

There is this false belief or erroneous impression that hypertension can be cured like other disease conditions; thereby making some patients not to want to continue taking their drugs the moment their condition improvements. The moment they check their blood pressure and get a reading of 120 / 80mmHg or less, they conclude they no longer need to comply with their regimen.

However, the painful truth about hypertension is that it is an incurable condition that requires the sufferer taking his drugs for the rest of his life, except God performs a miracle on him.

We once had a patient who was on a regular medical check up in our company clinic: he was also on doctor's prescriptions which were supposed to be adhered to, and only be changed after the doctor's review. He adhered religiously to his drugs regimen for sometime. Suddenly, he disappeared and never showed up for a review for over 6 months.

Then one evening as workers were closing for the day, we received a call that there was an emergency situation that required the doctor's urgent attention. The young man suddenly started to experience bleeding from the nose (epistaxis). The ambulance rushed him into the clinic where attempts were made by our doctor to stop the bleeding.

After series of methods were tried and there was no success, he invited two other doctors from the other nearby company clinics. The young man kept bleeding profusely from the nose for upward of about 4 hours. Ice packs, adrenaline packs, digital pressure, etc. were applied, yet no positive result. Then they resolved to apply an in-lodging catheter, which was inserted into the nostril and inflated. The ball eventually acted as a plug over the bleeding vessel and the haemorrhage stopped. He had to breathe with his mouth for the whole night.

He was very lucky the rupture had only occurred in the nostril and not in the brain; if it had occurred in the brain he would have suffered from stroke, and sometimes he would have died from the complications. Imagine the number of hours he bled from the nose and the failed attempts to arrest the bleeding. If it had been in the brain, there would have been unrestricted bleeding and his life would have been in serious danger.

There is a need to attend to medical advice and never to assume you know more than the professional doctor. Do not ever think hypertension would go away by itself or by merely taking your medicines for a few months. Always check with your doctor before adjusting the dosage of your drugs, and before going off the prescription for sometime if you ever need to do so.

You should not allow anyone to deceive you by claiming to cure your condition with whatever remedy. Be sure your doctor places you on close monitoring for a specific period of time, and that he's satisfied with the result and claims (if you ever take alternative medicine) before you shout 'eureka'.

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Naturally Reduce High Blood Pressure With Lifestyle Changes

There is no one surefire way to reduce hypertension. There are no magic pills, powders or formulas that will reduce hypertension as effectively as lifestyle changes. Hypertension is a “lifestyle” disease meaning, factors in the lifestyle of a person affecting the development of hypertension and that it is through lifestyle changes that hypertensive is prevented and high blood pressure is reduced. The following are several 'natural' steps that will take you closer to a much healthier lifestyle that will significantly reduce high blood pressure.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is the next best treatment to taking in hypertension medicine in significantly reducing high blood pressure especially in overweight or obese individuals. The heart exerts an extra effort in pumping blood to tissues in overweight and obese individuals because of increased nutritional and physical demands of their body. Because the heart pumps harder so that blood and nutrients reach the tissues of the overweight or obese individual's body, the pressure exerted by the blood on the blood vessels is increased; therefore, you have high blood pressure. Losing weight through a balance of exercise and diet also helps get rid of accumulated fat stores in the body and at the coronary blood vessels of the heart.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Drinking in moderation lowers the risk of developing high blood pressure and coronary heart disease, mainly among males over 45 years and females over 55. Moderate drinking is defined as drinking no more than one 12-ounce beer per day for females and no more than two 12-ounce bees per day for males. Too much alcohol however, stimulates the secretion of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine by the sympathetic nervous system causing a faster heartbeat, stronger contractions of the heart and blood vessel constriction or vasoconstriction. A combination of these effects contribute to increased vasopressure or blood vessel pressure and increased tension of the blood vessels, hypertension.


Engaging in moderate physical activity like brisk walking several times per week for thirty to forty-five minutes can lower systolic blood pressure by 10 mmHg. This is because exercise conditions the heart giving you better and more effective contractions with lower cardiac stress over time and therefore, giving you a higher or more effective cardiac output than usual. The heart pumps blood more effectively without the extra effort and pressure exerted on the blood vessels. A proper balance between exercise, diet and rest helps contribute to a healthier blood pressure.

Reduce Salt Intake

Salt absorbs water and makes the blood more viscous or thicker. This makes it more difficult for the heart to pump blood more effectively. Salt and fat also accumulates in the form of plaque in the arms especially the coronary arteries in the heart. The plaque accumulation in the coronary arteries block the flow of blood pumped from the heart to the tissues and organs of the body and thus, prompts the heart to pump harder, giving you high blood pressure. This very same plaque accumulation is also the cause of diseases such as arteriosclerosis or stiffening of the arteries and atherosclerosis or faty deposits at the treaties. These conditions also contribute to high blood pressure. In addition to this, roughly half the people suffering from hypertension are “salt sensitive”. A high salt diet seems to promote their hypertension while a low salt diet can lower their blood pressure.

Maintain the Recommended Dietary Intake of Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium

Instead of taking in more salt in your body, replace it with more sources of magnesium, potassium and calcium. Sodium levels of magnesium, potassium and calcium in the diet are associated with a lower risk for developing hypertension.

Stop Tobacco Smoking

Smoking damages the heart and augments the harmful effects of high blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels or vasoconstriction. When the blood vessels are constricted, the pressure executed by the blood on the vessel wall increases, giving you high blood pressure.

Manage Stress and Perform Relaxation Techniques

Meditation, biofeedback and deep breathing techniques help reduce high blood pressure by keeping you calm and relaxed. These methods work by decreasing the release of epinephrine and nor-epinephrine by the adrenal medulla of the sympathetic nervous system. Notice that your heart does not beat faster or harder when you are relaxed. This means that the heart is pumping blood without the extra stress or effort and that the pressure of the blood and the tension of the blood vessel walls are maintained.

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How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally?

The ultimate trick to healthy living is being natural. Then all the elements will help you remain healthy. So, if you have lower blood pressure, do not worry too much. If you need to have it quickly amended, you may have to go for vasodilators or serious chemical medicines. If, on the other hand, you want a holistic treatment of low pressure, go for it the natural way.

Change in lifestyle

You can make some changes in your lifestyle. You will be amazed at the difference that it makes.

• Consume food items that are rich in vitamins, minerals, carbs and proteins.
• Drink lots of water. Water has a stabilizing effect in humans.
• Stay away from vices. Alcohol, tobacco and too much chocolate are each deadly vice. This makes dangerous changes in diastole and systole levels.
• Consult your physical instructor and undertake daily exercises to tone your abs. Also try to lose excess lines and flab on your belly.
• Try and get relief from additional stress. Use stress-busters, stay with toddlers, sleep well and see your favorite shows on television.
• Omega-3 fatty acid, acai berry and sardines are some special food stuff that take good care of your blood pressure.
• Maintain good sanitation. It also has an indirect effect, although the direct connection is somewhat far-fetched.

You will anyway be pestered with symptoms while suffering from low blood pressure. You may feel that your heart is running at an awkward pace. There will be bouts of nausea and your skin will go pale. Do not delay, immediately consult your doctor when you experience any of these symptoms. Analyze with him what serious implications your pressure levels will lead you into. If there is a need of quick remedy, sometimes chemical idea is better. Otherwise, follow these natural ways to gain good health and stable blood pressure.

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How to Manage Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be a subject of tension irrespective of whether it is high or low. Sufferers often get rather angry as they know that their heart is suffering. So they keep on looking for ways to manage blood pressure to the desired level.

It is all about circulation. In healthy adults, blood flows through arteries and veins normally and with minimal fraction. Thus, to ensure a smooth pressure range of 120-80, you need to work up on health. Following well-being ideas is a generous way to insure yourself that your heart rocks.

Ways to manage blood pressure

• Maintain sound sleeping hours. Do not play around with a minimum of 8 hours undisturbed sleep.
• Maintain a balanced diet and stay clear of digestive problems. If you have smooth bowel movements, chances are that you will have a health pressure range throughout.
• Aerobic exercises like swimming and running along with certain drills boost up your blood flow and cardio-vascular wellness.
• Remain active. Even if you have sedentary lifestyle, try walking a bit at intervals.
• Take vasodilator drugs. These are known to keep your heart rate in moderation.

Other ideas

These ways, if followed word to word, will certainly insure you a well-functioning heart. Your body generally works for its betterment and if you act according to its demands, you will have no problems.

There are natural and chemical ways to ensure healthy readings. Regular exercises, good sleeping habits, intake of balanced diet and general activity are just a few smart ideas. Obesity may be an erection and then if you make your weight proportionate, you may less chances of high or low blood pressure. You may also try taking morning walks and certain home-remedies to be totally healthy. If it worked for your forefathers, it will work for you as well.

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Why Blood Pressure Needs to Be Regulated?

For blood purification by heart, blood goes through arteries and veins causing blood pressure. It may be examined at its low point (diastole) and high point (systole). In generally healthy bodies, these stand at 80-120 mm Hg. If the blood flows generally exerting mentioned pressure, your body will usually exist.

However, if any of its reading goes wrong, you will suffer from low or high blood pressure. Many causes like emotional stress, pregnancy, junk food, alcohol, hormonal problems, decrease in insulin level and kidney stones may result in blood pressure defects. It needs to be regulated in any case.

Reasons for regulation

• Low pressure patients usually feel lethargic, lack confidence, feel nausea or dizzy. Thus, they may have their life under threat if the problem persists.
• High pressure victims may suffer from tremendous heart pains and even heart failures. If he is suffering from diabetes, he may not even realize when he may suffer a heart attack. Excess of cholesterol is anyways dangerous and these need to be arranged to regulate the levels.
• If you do not regulate it, your blood may remain extremely impure and contain fecal evaporations. That will clog blood movement in due time and cause heart failure.

How to regulate

• If you have healthy and red blood with smart hemoglobin count, your body will function smoothly. You may also have amino acid-rich foods for more nitric oxide as that boosts your heart rate.
• You can take diuretics in several cases as they will cut off extra fluid from your body.
• You may also beat blockers that decrease your heart rate. It is more than useful when the pressure is at an extreme high.

With these oral methods and strict discipline in life, you will be able to regulate your blood pressure for your own benefit and welfare.

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The Difference Between High and Low Blood Pressure

Blood pressure caused by the act of heart pumping out blood, may lead to two genuine defects -high blood pressure and low blood pressure. As the blood is settled in arteries in every parts of a human body, there is maximum blood pressure, which is counted as systole. Its average pressure generation is 120 and if it is higher than that, the person suffers from high pressure.

Likewise, when the blood is just about ready to be pumped out of the ventricles, the pressure is at its minimum and counted as diastole. For average people, its count is 80 and anything lower than that will render the person suffering from low pressure. The former occurs at the start of a cardiac cycle while the latter occurs at the end of the same cycle. You can feel the flow by gripping your wrist and feeling for the artery.

Significance of low pressure

• The sufferer is usually middle-aged.
• There will be clear symptoms like pale skin, dizziness, loss of appetite and profuse sweating.
• The best thing about this disease is that doctors recommend eating anything the sufferer likes.

Significance of high pressure

• Anyone living in due tension may suffer from this ailment. It is not actually age-induced.
• There are no clear symptoms, only the person is certain obese and has cholesterol problems.
• Doctors generally recommend stoppage of many harsh food stuffs. Sugar and salt are heavily reduced in diet.

Such problems can occur due to living in depression or anxiety. It can also surface if there is too much intake of oily and spicy food. Layers of cholesterol may deposit near the heart making blood flow occurred in increased friction. Thus, healthy adults keep track of their internal movements and keep going for routine medical check-ups.

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What is Blood Pressure All About?

In every warm blooded mammal, heart plays a critical role. It takes in impure blood from the body through veins, purifies it and pumps it out through arteries. Of course, the fluid (blood is a fluid) meets resistance while flow through arteries and veins, creating some friction and pressure. These are at the lowest at the point blood is stored in the ventricles, heart and maximum when it is collected at both the ends in arms.

Through machines like sphygmomanometer, this difference of pressure with every heart-beat (there are 72 per minute in an average human) can be calculated. The two ends are called systole and diastole measuring high pressure and low pressure respectively. The pulse rate of a healthy adult will read 120 at systolic peak and 80 at diastolic bottom.

Different forms of blood pressure

If there is a rapid growth in this pressure, this means that the person may be under tremendous stress. His diet may also be faulty. Hormonal problems, insomnia, certain diseases relating to heart can also bring drastic changes in blood pressure. A person may have healthy systoles count but regressive diastole. Then he is supposed to suffer from low pressure. He will be sentenced to collapsing or feeling numb at odd intervals. The person may also suffer from profuse sweating.

If the systole is high and the diastole normal, the person is believed to suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. He would then have no control over anger, added sugar or salt in his food would be harmful for his health and he may also have digestive problems. It also needs to be stated that a huge difference in the blood pressure range may reflect that blood is deficient of oxygen and iron. It is useful to check hemoglobin count periodically.

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Hypertension – The Silent Killer

Hypertension – what is it?

Hypertension or high blood pressure is when abnormally high (more than 140/90) is observed for an extended period. It can be caused by many things but in most cases can be avoided or treated by a change of lifestyle.

So what are the symptoms?

The funny thing about hypertension is that in most cases it is silent (receiving the name 'silent killer'), but frequent headaches, dizziness and lethargy can all be symptoms.

So how do I get it?

The disease of modern man is that of his own doing. Hypertension nine times out of ten is a lifestyle condition, meaning the choices you have made such as smoking, poor eating habbits and lack of frequent exercise all contribute to the cause of hypertension. But probably the single greatest cause and what is most prevalent in modern society is stress. Stress releases hormones that constrict blood vessels causing the heart to pump harder in order to get blood effectively to the extremities of the body. This in turn elevates blood pressure. Family history plays a massive part in some people ie lots of immediate family with the condition.

How do I find out if I have it?

After forty you should have regular checks with you GP to monitor your blood pressure.

What can you do to prevent it?

Modify your lifestyle, controlled calorie diets, regular intestinal exercise, find a way to counteract your stress levels in the work place and do not smoke.

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Blood Pressure – A Byproduct of Lifestyle Changes

Blood pressure can be referred as a byproduct of lifestyle changes. The fast-paced urban life, leaves no room for a breath. An erratic lifestyle and tight working conditions can take a toll on your health and lead to such diseases. In fact, there is a chain of lifestyle diseases that crop up from simple causes like poor eating, stress, poor sleeping and so on. A demanding lifestyle can leave you fatigued with no energy left at the end of the day. Living this kind of life for a longer period is like a battle against good health.

If you experience any signs of blood pressure then pause for a minute and look inside. It helps to slow down the pace at which your life is moving. Go slow and cut the rat race. You may choose to introspect yourself and evaluate the causes of this condition. Once you know what has caused this condition, it is easy to fight back. Typically, pressure problem can be resolved with a consistent effort and some lifestyle changes. Here is what you can do to restore your health.

Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Sleep early: Remember the adage “Early to bed, early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Try to live up to this adage it works wonders.

Replace: Replace junk food with healthy eating options. Switch over from aerated drinks to fresh fruit juices, from burgers to sandwiches. Ditch the pizza's and go with whole wheat bread and vegetable rolls. Make this simple change in your eating habits and see the results.

Do not carry baggage: Work and its relatives should be left in the office. Do not carry this baggage home, it will only add to your mental stress and aggravate blood pressure.

Exercise: Light to moderate exercise helps in improving blood circulation and keeps diseases at bay. Indulge in some activity like jogging, swimming, yoga or gym. Keep your muscles moving, do not let them be stagnant.

Say No: Say no to addictives like alcohol, caffeine, tea and the likes. Do not let your system be dependent on such addictive substances.

Take medicine: While you adopt these lifestyle changes to beat the lifestyle diseases do not ignore the importance of medicines. It is important to take medication for this condition.

Remember, “Health is Wealth” and its value is known known until it is lost. If you value your health then read the early signs and make the desired changes to fight blood pressure.

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Omron Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – How to Decide Which One You Need and Find the Best Price

If you need to measure and keep a record of your blood pressure – Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is a very good solution. However, there are several types of this device and you need to know how to choose the one that suits you most. This guide will show you how to choose which one suits you most – and how to find the best price for it online.

It's easier to decide which wrist blood pressure monitor you need by answering a few questions:

Credibility and Accuracy – How important is it for you?

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor is easier to use than upper-arm monitors. The downside is that reading accuracy can be reduced if the monitor is not positioned just right. To have the most accurate wrist monitor – you have to look for a feature called “A positioning sensor”. This feature confirms correct placement before you take a reading. The Omron HEM-650 has that feature, for example.

Reliability – The Omron HEM-650 (known as the Omron R6 in Europe) is one of the few wrist blood pressure monitors recommended by the British Hypertension Society for accuracy.

What kind of memory features do you need?

Measuring your blood pressure at home and keeping a record of the measurements will show you and your doctor how much your blood pressure changes during the day. If you need to measure it for a long period of time – you should choose a monitor with a memory feature. Omron HEM-650, for example, provides a 90-readout memory which allows users to track their readings over a long period of time.

How many people will use the monitor?

If you are not the only one that will use this monitor – some types have a feature that provides different memories for different people. This will prevent confusion and a mix up in the readings.

Do you need to monitor your heart rate?

These monitors can also check your heart rate and detect irregular heart beat. If this is important for you – look for a monitor with this special added feature to it.

What is your wrist size?

In order to make sure you get an accurate reading, you have to make sure the cuff will fit your wrist. Most Omron wrist monitors offer this range of wrist size: 5 1/4 to 8 1/2 inches. If your wrist is smaller or bigger than this – consider looking for a different blood pressure monitor.

Getting the Best Price Online

Omron wrist blood pressure monitor, much like anything else, will be cheaper online than anywhere else. Once you've picked the type than suits you most – you need to decide where you're going to buy them. Buying from a trusted and well known site is important in this case also, you're not buying just another pair of shoes …

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Side Effects of Taking Fish Oils Supplements to Reduce Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a horrible disease. Most prescription medicine has tons of undesired and nasty side effects when they are used to reduce blood pressure. They can be so bad at times it is easy to think that the cure may be worse than the disease sometimes. Although the disease does kill you, so that is a hard sell to me. Fish oils, which are so good that they seem to improve just about every function related to your bodies health, also have some minor side effects. To find out more read on …

What is the cause of fish oil side effects?

It is simple. For one thing, the waters where they get the fish from can be polluted to a degree. The second factor is that if you buy the oils from a less reputable company you could risk rancidity. Both of these effects are minor and they are both mostly avoidable if you buy from a company that takes steps to defend against these minor discomforts.

How about the actual side effects and how do these effect reduce blood pressure

When you compare the side effects of fish oils to the debilitating effects you get from synthetic drugs used to reduce blood pressure they are almost laughable. Upset stomach, dirrhea, and burping. That is it. Nothing earth shattering and the chances of even getting these three effects are very minor if you buy a good brand of fish oil pills. There is only one real thing you should concern yourself with. If you are taking a prescription blood thinner, you should consult with a doctor before taking as fish oil acts as a blood thinner too. Other than that, please use fish oil as a supplement to reduce your blood pressure.

What else can you do to reduce hypertension and to reduce blood pressure

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Lower Your High Blood Pressure Naturally – Try Omega 3 Fish Oils, My Favorite Supplement

You may be asking yourself if Omega 3 fish oils are good for you. Duh! Have you been watching the news at all? Like Tony the Tiger says, they are not only good for you they are, “Greeeeaaaaat!” But that takes into account whole body effects where it seems to assist in everything from cognitive function to erectile dysfunction. How about in relation to hypertension specifically, how does it stack up there? Read on to find out more ….

Omega 3, a possible assistance in lowering high blood pressure naturally

Yes! Omega 3 fish oils do assist in lowering high blood pressure naturally along with the myriad of other beneficial effects it has lowers your blood pressure, triglycerides cholesterol and acts as a blood thinner. It has great effect. Many supplements lose their potency when put into “supplement” form. You get the best effect if you eat them in their natural state. This is not true, so you do not need to consume 10 fish a day do get your required fish oils, one single pill will do just fine.

How about possible side effects

Omega 3 side effects are all very minor. If you buy a reputable brand they are almost non-existent. The possible side effects are: Burping, some stomach discomfort, and possible diarrhea. When you compare these to the almost assured, nasty and horrible effects of synthetic prescription medications these effects are almost laughable because of the triviality. (And the fact they almost never occur). So please if you are considering the benefits of Omega 3 to reduce your hypertension, do it, you will not regret it.

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