Are you worried about taking prescriptions to control your blood pressure? If so, it is possible that you can fully avoid the possible side effects associated with many of the medications often prescribed to reduce high blood pressure. Here are a few methods you might want to consider before you fill that prescription.

The most important thing for you to do to lower your high blood pressure is to leave sodium out of your diet. You probably already know this, but do you know why? Sodium makes the body hold on to the fluids, such as water. This excess fluid being stored in your body causes the heart to work harder to pump the blood to your organs.

Look at the labels when you go to the grocery store. Try to avoid low salt and low sodium products. Instead look for the substitutes for salt. You will be surprised when you realize what is out there that can really add new flavor to your foods.

Caffeine is also a culprit in raising your pressure levels. If you must have that morning cup of coffee, you should switch to decaffeinated coffee. If you notice you begin to have headaches when you switch to decaf coffee you should switch to lite coffee. This has caffeine in it, but in a smaller amount. Slowly and gradually reduce the caffeine in your coffee until you are drinking only decaf.

If you are overweight, you already know that it is important for your overall health to begin shedding the pounds. However, it is vital that you lose the weight to reduce the strain on your heart. As the weight begins to come off your blood pressure should begin to reduce itself.

Exercise regularly and gradually increase the intensity of your workout. Make sure your doctor approves of the exercise regimen you will be doing. Take it slow at first. Do not over do yourself. If you do, it is likely that you will be sore and related to continue exercising.

Stop smoking and drinking. These have very ill effects on the body and even worse effects on the heart and pressure. If you need assistance quitting smoking or drinking speak with your doctor for some assistance.

It is likely that you can naturally reduce high blood pressure by taking advantage of the tips given to you here. However, before you begin listening to the advice of anyone, you should discuss your thoughts with your doctor. He or she will be able to best direct you in reducing your blood pressure without the need for medicines.