Salt can raise your blood pressure. This is probably not a stunning or startling revelation for anyone. Perhaps people without high blood pressure might not know this tidbit but anyone with the deadly disease certainly knows all about it. If you have hypertension and did not know salt was dangerous, you really need to read this. If you did know but want to learn more about ways to defeat this deadly disease anyway (as you should), please read on.

Salt can raise your blood pressure

Salt can really be a deadly poison to the hypertensive. If “clogs” the arteries. When you have too much of it the kidneys have a very hard time expelling it from your system. “But do not we need salt?” you may ask. Yes we do. But all foods have salt added to them in the manufacturing. Unless you are extremely careful in your shopping process you are likely getting way to much salt even if you never add a single grain to your food. There is just so much salt in products these days.

I want to lower my blood pressure naturally, how can I use salt to accomplish this?

Well stop putting it on your food. Use alternatives like ginger and garlic, both of which actually lower hypertension. Really check out food labels on packaging. Reduced salt only means a 25% reduction from the previous packaging of the product. It could still have 2-3 times your daily dose in the package. You have to be very careful and discerning about the products you ingest. Salt does taste good, I understand, but is it good enough, literally, “to die for!”

Lower your blood pressure and save your life