The danger of high levels of sodium in the body

Staying away from foods with sodium is necessary when it comes to maintaining your health. Salt is the most used seasoning and the most dangerous one as well.

Watching your salt is a challenge because it might seem like you are making a compromise between taste and your health.

Although a necessary nutrient a tiny amount of sodium is all that the body requires. Unfortunately, many people have many servings of it daily.

You can strike a good balance if you explore other seasonings as an alternative to this tasty seasoning.

Sodium in food

You can not eat anything today that does not have salt added to it. Apart from being a major ingredient, it also serves to make food taste delicious.

No one would ever want to eat anything that tastes bland or plain. And this is understandable because if you eat is not tasty, you will not eat it.

But there is a line that needs to be drawn. Salt is used in excess in most cooking.

This is a problem that affects us all. Many processed food and fast food we buy is loaded with salt.

Its abundance in food is designed to make the product taste good so that people will buy more of it. But if you carefully read the labels of foods with sodium, you will notice that it is used very liberally.

This could be disastrous for your health. The Body is not designed to withstand such a high level of this white nutrient.

Risks to your health

Studies have shown that on average, people consume way more salt than is recommended. And this problem is not going away anytime soon. Salt is responsible for many health conditions that affect a large number of the population.

Effects of excess salt on our body:

  • High blood pressure / Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Can cause kidney stones and later kidney failure
  • Prevents the absorption of other nutrients such as Calcium and can lead to the loss of bone density / osteoporosis
  • Stomach lining is thinned and can lead to ulcers

Theses are only a few of the risks to your health excess salt in your body may bring.


You can take some measures to ensure you have a safe level of salt in your body:

  • Do not eat fast food or any food that comes premade at restaurants
  • Read food labels and know the telltale sign of foods with sodium in excess (Very flavorful food)
  • Choose healthy alternatives to salt such as sea salt and other seasonings to make food taste better
  • Drink plenty of fluids especially water to flush out excess salt in your body
  • Exercise regularly to maintain optimal health
  • If you want to use salt in your meals, use it sparingly or keep it to a minimum
  • Eat fruit and vegetables as well as other healthy foods to keep your body in good health.
  • Drink plenty of water to flush out excess salt and offset increased sodium levels within the body