Hypertension is a horrible disease. Most prescription medicine has tons of undesired and nasty side effects when they are used to reduce blood pressure. They can be so bad at times it is easy to think that the cure may be worse than the disease sometimes. Although the disease does kill you, so that is a hard sell to me. Fish oils, which are so good that they seem to improve just about every function related to your bodies health, also have some minor side effects. To find out more read on …

What is the cause of fish oil side effects?

It is simple. For one thing, the waters where they get the fish from can be polluted to a degree. The second factor is that if you buy the oils from a less reputable company you could risk rancidity. Both of these effects are minor and they are both mostly avoidable if you buy from a company that takes steps to defend against these minor discomforts.

How about the actual side effects and how do these effect reduce blood pressure

When you compare the side effects of fish oils to the debilitating effects you get from synthetic drugs used to reduce blood pressure they are almost laughable. Upset stomach, dirrhea, and burping. That is it. Nothing earth shattering and the chances of even getting these three effects are very minor if you buy a good brand of fish oil pills. There is only one real thing you should concern yourself with. If you are taking a prescription blood thinner, you should consult with a doctor before taking as fish oil acts as a blood thinner too. Other than that, please use fish oil as a supplement to reduce your blood pressure.

What else can you do to reduce hypertension and to reduce blood pressure