One of my close friends told that he spent his time looking at the fish tank once he got back from the dentist.

He looked at the aquarium after he had given his exams.

The test that he had was not the same as he had before.Dentists had the instruments inserted in his mouth but they wanted to make him talk though it was inside. The main aim of the test was to make his mind peaceful and happy.

He calmed down completely once he watched the movement of fish in the water. He was not interested in watching the fish swim but this incident cave him a completely different feeling.

I had been raised at a place where we had lots of animals and plants. Interacting with the horses and other animals, taming them has made me feel far better and peaceful

Taming animals or watching the movement of fish in a tank has reduced the blood pressure considerably

Other studies have shown that pet owners suffer from fewer anxious outbursts and in general, have lowered blood pressure.

Spending time with animals has reduced blood pressure in many. To go deep inside, researchers have investigated measuring the levels of neurochemicals when time spent with pets and when not. This might probably be for every 20 minutes.

The secretions of such chemicals were less in those who spent more time in domesticating animals.

Stress is a major contributor of high blood pressure. High blood pressure in turn leads to the harm to the parts of the body like kidneys and heart. It can also cause Strokes and cardiovascular problems. Drinking and smoking increase the possibilities.

Does this mean you have to run out and buy a pet? As a pet owner, I highly encourage you to consider whether or not this is realistic to you. Pets require time, energy and money and an unprepared pet owner is an irresponsible pet owner.

Additionally, many of my clients have allergies which do not entertain the idea of ​​pet ownership. Why not try turning on your local animal channel and watching animals in nature. The lion killing the gazelle aside, many of these programs (I especially enjoy the ones related to sea life) are a relaxing way to “chill” for a half hour or so.

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