How many computers do you have in your house? Did you count the smart phones and the internet ready television? That number may startle you. Sometimes it does make our lives better in some ways. If we want to know something we can find out almost instantly. However, it does act like a chain and leash. Just the thought raises my blood pressure.

Sitting : Those of us who use computers for our work end up doing a lot of sitting. Even when we get home, we sit. There's another computer to check, there's all of those shows recorded that need watched.

Sitting itself is not the problem, of course. It's that we do not take time to exercise. That lack leads to problems that end up as hypertension.

Eating at the Desk : It's a bad habit for many reasons. We do not get a break from work. Studies indicate that rodents just love it when we do that. They come by after work and clean up the crumbs in the keyboard.

This often means we are not eating anything healthy. It's hard to eat an apple and talk on the phone but a French fry can be. A trip out to the lunch truck is not going to give you fresh vegetables, it will be more along the lines of a cheeseburger and fries. The saturated fat and sodium can lead to hardening of the arteries, which the makes our numbers go up.

Stress : Both of the above are stressful. It's like we can not get away from work; it follows us home. Once we get a chance to do our own things, such as update the bank software, the stress goes even higher. This, too, raises the numbers.

Fixing It : This is much easier to write than it is to do. Leave work at work. If you work at home, set up a stopping time and then stop. Eat dinner at the dinner table with the family. After dinner, go for a walk.

You can also fix it by not eating at your desk. If there's no decent place to eat, bring your lunch, and then eat it somewhere besides the office. After you eat, take a short walk. This will help reduce stress and give you some exercise.

If you are having troubles with blood pressure, talk to your doctor. There are medications that will help. Once you get into shape you may be able to go off of them, but keeping those numbers down is important.