Blood pressure caused by the act of heart pumping out blood, may lead to two genuine defects -high blood pressure and low blood pressure. As the blood is settled in arteries in every parts of a human body, there is maximum blood pressure, which is counted as systole. Its average pressure generation is 120 and if it is higher than that, the person suffers from high pressure.

Likewise, when the blood is just about ready to be pumped out of the ventricles, the pressure is at its minimum and counted as diastole. For average people, its count is 80 and anything lower than that will render the person suffering from low pressure. The former occurs at the start of a cardiac cycle while the latter occurs at the end of the same cycle. You can feel the flow by gripping your wrist and feeling for the artery.

Significance of low pressure

• The sufferer is usually middle-aged.
• There will be clear symptoms like pale skin, dizziness, loss of appetite and profuse sweating.
• The best thing about this disease is that doctors recommend eating anything the sufferer likes.

Significance of high pressure

• Anyone living in due tension may suffer from this ailment. It is not actually age-induced.
• There are no clear symptoms, only the person is certain obese and has cholesterol problems.
• Doctors generally recommend stoppage of many harsh food stuffs. Sugar and salt are heavily reduced in diet.

Such problems can occur due to living in depression or anxiety. It can also surface if there is too much intake of oily and spicy food. Layers of cholesterol may deposit near the heart making blood flow occurred in increased friction. Thus, healthy adults keep track of their internal movements and keep going for routine medical check-ups.