What are the best exercises for hypertension that do not demand too much from the body? There are in fact a lot of low intensity exercises that can still have some fantastic effects for lowering your blood pressure. One of the most effective exercises for hypertension is power walking. This exercise is perfect for the older person that wants a light exercise they can do almost everyday without waking up feeling sore! Even younger people suffering from hypertension will find great benefits from a power walk every day as it involves no special equipment and can be done in any location.

Power walking essentially involves a brisk, non-stop walk over a long period of time. As you will know, walking is far easier to keep doing over a longer period of time than jogging and running, so you will be able to achieve the same results from only half the effort and intensity! Power walking a good 4 to 5 times a week will also give rise to some noticeable upgrades in your stamina. Being able to walk for a little longer every week will start to lower your hypertension a little more every week too.

What else is important to accompany any exercises for hypertension is a good diet. High blood pressure is commonly caused by a build up of fat in the arteries which restricts blood flow and causes pressure. However, when you're eating a more balanced diet and exercising, your levels of faty deposits should begin to diminish. The key to this is to ensure that you're not consuming more calories than you consume. In this way, you're not exceeding your energy requirements, which leads to the storing of excess energy as fat. Therefore, whilst lowering hypertension, you will also inevitably be losing weight and looking fitter!

So by just going for a brisk walk a good few times a week and keeping your diet rich in lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, you will begin to see not only your hypertening getting smaller, but your waistline too! Just remember that all it takes to achieve these goals is commitment. If you set yourself goals with your exercises for hypertension and try to beat them every week, you will start to see your blood pressure lowering gradually every week. There's no time like the present, so set yourself the goal of beating hypertension today!