Curiosity killed the cat? Well, in my occupation, curiosity and my desire to state my curiosity is the single most important thing that keeps me growing and moving forward.

I am a mature person and I have confused myself by asking a lot which has got effective results that aids me and everyone as well.

A buddy of mine and I play a little game where she gives me information about a person's health concern and I identify the cause of the concern. Just the other day she told me of a person that lives near a airport who suffers from hypertension.

I am here to find out the effects of the health problems as this is not based on situations and conventions.

The disturbing sound from the flights, mechanical applications and slight sounds have created so many hazards in people's lives. The sound created in the airport was the key reason for the woman's health issue.

Noise Pollution may be termed as the most bothering and aggravating sounds caused by people, pets and animals.

120 decibel sounds can cause actual pain in the ear, 85 decibels can negatively impact our hearing; sounds at 45 decibels, equal to the humming of the refrigerator, can interrupt sleep.

Strain, annoyance and absence of mind are caused by the sounds heard from a distance like ringing of a clock, traffic although they remain unheard to a certain extent.

Noise is created in Street, Vehicle traffic, amusement parks and departmental stores and offices.

Loud Noises heard for a short period can cause insomnia, hypertension, confusion and loss of logical thoughts.

Deafness, heart problems and stomach disorders and mental illness are caused by Continuous contact with the noise Continuous contact with the noise.

The US states think that the hazardousous noise is an annoyance but fail to notice the ways to stop it and find out the cause, type of element causing pollution.

when noise can not be eliminated it needs to be reduced by using ear plugs or muffs but is vital to lower the harmful effects of it.

My High Blood Pressure Program is effective in lowering the blood pressure. Physical activities that help in bringing down the blood pressure are very easy and comfortable to do. There is no possible way for me to eliminate this pollution by reducing the noise created at homes and workplaces.