For blood purification by heart, blood goes through arteries and veins causing blood pressure. It may be examined at its low point (diastole) and high point (systole). In generally healthy bodies, these stand at 80-120 mm Hg. If the blood flows generally exerting mentioned pressure, your body will usually exist.

However, if any of its reading goes wrong, you will suffer from low or high blood pressure. Many causes like emotional stress, pregnancy, junk food, alcohol, hormonal problems, decrease in insulin level and kidney stones may result in blood pressure defects. It needs to be regulated in any case.

Reasons for regulation

• Low pressure patients usually feel lethargic, lack confidence, feel nausea or dizzy. Thus, they may have their life under threat if the problem persists.
• High pressure victims may suffer from tremendous heart pains and even heart failures. If he is suffering from diabetes, he may not even realize when he may suffer a heart attack. Excess of cholesterol is anyways dangerous and these need to be arranged to regulate the levels.
• If you do not regulate it, your blood may remain extremely impure and contain fecal evaporations. That will clog blood movement in due time and cause heart failure.

How to regulate

• If you have healthy and red blood with smart hemoglobin count, your body will function smoothly. You may also have amino acid-rich foods for more nitric oxide as that boosts your heart rate.
• You can take diuretics in several cases as they will cut off extra fluid from your body.
• You may also beat blockers that decrease your heart rate. It is more than useful when the pressure is at an extreme high.

With these oral methods and strict discipline in life, you will be able to regulate your blood pressure for your own benefit and welfare.