The practice of yoga in general can be a very beneficial therapy for lowering high blood pressure naturally. A gentle practice helps to calm your mind and body. Stress management is a recommended treatment for patients suffering from this problem and this ancient practice is an excellent exercise with which we can have in this regard. However, you should take some precautions that I mention below.

Generally inserted posts – where your legs are above the heart and higher heart head – not recommended, as they tend to rise more pressure. However, the position Setu Bandha Sarvangasana (Bridge) held on cushions or other support, is energizing for the kidneys and relieves the nervous system, reducing high blood pressure.

Recommended Yoga Poses
Moreover, the asanas recommended are for example those with the spine are horizontal and they allow the heart to slow down because they require less effort to pump blood to the brain. Sitting and lying postures as Baddhakonasana, Konasana Upavista Virasana and are very useful for people with high blood pressure. The forward bending postures regulate heart action and blood pressure.

Having high blood pressure should not prevent you practice yoga. If you are aware of your health condition and follow the doctor's recommendations, you have a wide range of positions to practice.

Breathing and Meditation
It is also important that you consider breathing. Try to be calm and deep, but without forcing. When you are performing the ten positions during practice this does not hold your breath, but make it more consciously and smoothly as possible.

Also, I invite you to meditate. Meditation, among other things, helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Even after a short meditation session you will see how your mind is calmer and feel more relaxed.

The use of yoga as a treatment for high blood pressure is more useful if done as part of a multi-therapeutic approach, including lifestyle changes and nutrition. As always, when it comes to natural healing, the results are usually not as fast as taking a pill. The good news is, however, that when you take steps to lower blood pressure naturally, helping our body to obtain a healing response, you get true healing. Your nervous system becomes more balanced, and generally feel better, have more energy, and have more resources to cope with stress.

My main advice is to go to the root of the problem. Look what causes you to turn up the pressure, watch what you eat, how you react to certain circumstances. Learn from you, and changes you need to live with greater physical, mental and spiritual.

Note: To achieve these and other improvements in your health and your life in general, you need a regular yoga practice. Yoga is the union of body and mind and soul, which in turn binds the whole universe, so that the benefits in our physical health is only a part of all that we receive with constant practice. Always remember that Yoga is more!